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Welcome to our fifth “Sober Short” – an interim mini podcast to supplement the weekly Tribe Sober podcast.

I’m going to kick off this series by taking you through our Tribe Sober Toolkit – this toolkit is just one of the things that we share with you during our regular Zoom workshops – click here for more info.

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In this episode

During the first 4 Sober Shorts we looked at the first 3 Tools in our toolbox.


“Connection is the Opposite of Addiction” and if you’re serious about getting sober then you need to connect with others on the same path.

So if you’re not yet a member of our tribe please check us out on “join our tribe” to read about the benefits of membership

Tool 2 was GET MOVING

We all know is that exercise is “good for us” and many people exercise daily but they also drink on a daily basis – sometimes excessively. Ditch the drink and keep exercising and you will be amazed at how much fitter you will get!


All about “learning to sit with our feelings” – instead of trying to chase them away with alcohol. Alcohol is the “easy button” and enables us to bypass difficult emotions.

We have to “get comfortable with being uncomfortable” as Tribe Sober coach Lynette says or as Glennon Doyle says – “First the Pain, then the Rising!”

Tool 4 was MINDSET

All about changing your thinking – about drinking.

The global alcohol industry spends trillions on marketing every year to convince us that we need their product. The wine industry in particular has done a stunning job marketing to us ladies during the last 2 decades. Many women now believe that drinking wine is essential for a full and happy life.

We have to de-program ourselves — a nice analogy is to think of our subconscious mind as a computer — we need to reboot and load some new software.

Today’s Sober Short is about VISUALISATION

  • Visualisation is SO powerful – just think of the wine witch –  introduced to us to in the book Sober Diaries
  • The liquor industry has been marketing its products to us for decades by showing us beautiful images of attractive women holding their wine glasses and looking happy.
  • That’s why associating wine with an old hag is so powerful – and not just at the beginning but as we progress in our sobriety we often hear our members telling us that the wine witch’s voice is getting fainter and fainter and some evenings she doesn’t show up at all!
  • We’ve even introduced a new character to our tribe recently – she’s called Moderation Mary – we’ve not managed to draw her yet but you can be sure she will not be a pretty sight.
  • Don’t let Moderation Mary break your heart we say…
  • Don’t waste your time hanging out with Moderation Mary.
  • After all, once we’ve crossed a line with our drinking there is no going back – we need to quit and then learn to enjoy our alcohol-free life.
  • Another tool also about visualisation which works well for many, is to “play the movie” forward…
  • Finally one of the visualisation tools I use for coaching is called the two paths:-

If you keep drinking – one thing you can be sure of is that you will not be drinking less – it just doesn’t work like that – you’ll be drinking at least a bottle of wine if not more. That’s 7 bottles of wine a week when the low-risk limit is one and a half – putting your mental and physical health at risk.  Apart from that, your life will feel pretty much the same – if we are sapping our energy and motivation with alcohol night after night then its unlikely we’ll decide to make any significant changes – you will just stay stuck.

If you stop – you probably cannot even imagine it, you have no idea what your life would be like without alcohol in it.  After helping hundreds of people to ditch the booze, I can give you a rough idea….  The first 6 months will be tough, as you change your habits and “do the work” – and then life will just get better and better.  You will feel better, you will look better and you will have the energy to make major life changes if you need to.

  • So there you go – 3 ways to use visualisation – the wine witch, play the movie forward and the two paths
  • So that’s our Sober Short for today – 3 Visualisation Tools
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