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Tribe Sober – inspiring an alcohol-free life!

Welcome to our very first “Sober Short” – an interim mini podcast to supplement the weekly Tribe Sober podcast.

I’m going to kick off this series by taking you through our Tribe Sober Toolkit – this toolkit is just one of the things that we share with you during our regular Zoom workshops – click here for more info.

Our workshops have been a gamechanger for many people so if you want to kickstart your sober journey then sign up today.

In this episode

  • Tool number one in our toolbox is connection…connection is the opposite of addiction.
  • A fact that has been proved by the ratpark experiment way back in the 1960’s.
  • If you haven’t seen Johann Haris fabulous TED talk where he describes this experiment then please check it out here.
  • Once your drinking has crossed a line you need to connect with others on the same path…
  • If you are wondering whether you have crossed this imaginary line then try to drink within the “low risk limits” of one and a half bottles of wine a week – or 6 beers – if you can’t then you probably need to make some changes.
  • Giving up alcohol is a lonely path – it has been completely normalised in our society and the peer pressure is strong…
  • It’s the only drug we need to justify NOT taking so you need to find your people.
  • People like you who understand that “no you cant just drink less, or drink more slowly or have one glass”.
  • People who are or were in exactly the same place so they “get you”.
  • I spent ten long years trying to tackle my drinking problem alone – my attitude was that I’ve got myself into this mess so I’ll get myself out of it – and nobody need be any the wiser.
  • The problem was I had no-one to connect with when I was struggling, nobody to inspire me when I was fed up – nobody to hold me accountable when I fell off the wagon – again and again.
  • Like many women I was ashamed of my little problem – and I was also totally reluctant to let the wine go completely.
  • I thought I would be able to “control” it and drink normally – become a normal drinker!

Of course now I understand that was an impossible dream and if I could give one piece of advice to anyone considering their relationship with alcohol it would be:

  • Don’t waste your time with Moderation Mary as we call her– just ditch the stuff and you will find peace.
  • Admittedly you will have to work out HOW to live without your best friend but that’s where we come in.
  • I’m not the only one who wasted time trying to control an addictive drug – a recent study by the Tempest – 11 years.
  • Always remember that people who CAN moderate just do it – alcohol is not even on their radio and they certainly won’t be listening to this podcast!
  • So if you’re listening to this and you are worried about your drinking then don’t waste 11 years – reach out to someone today.
  • When I finally reached out and got some help I realized that I was not alone, I was not broken, there was nothing wrong with me – I was just one of the 20% of social drinkers who had become dependent over the years.
  • Alcohol is so sneaky, it really creeps up on us – like many women I drank socially during my 20’s and 30s and then began to use it to manage my anxiety and to relax during my 40s and 50s – when drinking alone became one of my favourite occupations!
  • If you want to hear my drinking story and what finally drove me to quit and how I did it then you can hear that on Tribe Sober podcast episode 1.
  • So our first tool in the Tribe Sober toolkit is to find your people.
  • Its SO much easier to find your people these days – 10 years ago we only had AA but now there are many online sober communities, an endless supply of alcohol free drinks and we even have a Sober Magazine – Hola Sober!
  • So find your people and then “work your tribe” – by which we mean stay connected and share your ups and downs.
  • We would love to be your people so do give us a try, for an affordable monthly subscription we offer plenty of support including daily Tribe Chats to enable you to check in and get some extra help if you need it.. – click here for more info.
  • So that’s your Sober Short for today – Top Tool from our Sober Toolbox – work your tribe.
  • Find your people – and stay connected – because connection is the opposite of addiction.
  • If YOU’VE got a favourite tip that you’d like me to share on Sober Shorts then just email it to me
  • Don’t forget to check out our weekly podcast – full of recovery stories, expert advice and plenty of advice – its called Tribe Sober and comes out every Saturday morning.

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Till Next Week

Janet x


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