83. Take a Break from Booze – Part 3

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We created TS because we believe it’s really hard to change your drinking habits alone – so at TS we are all about community so on this weeks podcast we are featuring 2 ladies who signed up for our Sober Spring Challenge.

At the time of recording, we are in late January but if you are up for taking a break then just sign up for our January Challenge which is open until 31st Jan – for a small donation to a good cause we offer community and online support for an alcohol free month.

We’ve currently got 115 people going through the Challenge so sign up today and join the fun –they are chatting away all day long on their WhatsApp group – sharing their journeys and passing on tips.

Just go to tribesober.com and hit January Challenge.

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In this episode

  • Every year we do a Sober Spring Challenge – 66 alcohol-free days – two of our Sober Springer are sharing their experiences.
  • Our first Sober Springer is Roz, a Brit living in Spain.  Roz drank for decades but once she joined the tribe – she stopped and never went back. “Tribe Sober is my family” she says.
  • Our second Sober Springer is Annick from Belguim – she also found that “connection is the opposite of addiction” and the WhatsApp group kept her on track.  Her first 30 days were tough but by Day 80 she was flying!
  • After helping hundreds of people to get sober I am convinced that this doesn’t have to be a lifelong struggle.  It involves giving it your all for the first 6 months when you are basically concentrating on “not drinking” and learning as much as you can.  The rest of that first year is about learning to navigate our alcohol-drenched society, developing  new interests and learning to thrive in your alcohol-free life.
  • Like many women, Annick was quite health conscious– she ate healthy foods and did yoga – but she drank.  For so many of us, alcohol is the missing part of the puzzle – so many of us are filled with fear and reluctant to let it go.  All we can tell you from the other side is that you will GAIN so much more than you will lose if you ditch the drink!
  • Your drinking isn’t a PROBLEM – it’s actually giving you an OPPORTUNITY – to ditch the stuff and open up your life – that’s a valuable reframe by Tribe Member Lucy!
  • Talking of Lucy, Annick referred to our “Why” exercise which was designed by Lucy and has helped SO many of our members – if you’d like a copy just drop a line to janet@nulltribesober.com and I’ll send it to you.

A few tips and benefits from my conversations with Roz and Annick

  • Find a community – you heard Roz say that TS has become her family and Annick said the WhatsApp group helped her to feel less alone. It’s so important to realise that we are not alone in this struggle – we are not broken, we are not diseased. We just got addicted to an addictive substance like 20% of social drinkers do – every single year. “Connection is the opposite of addiction” so find your people – maybe we are your people. Go to ts.com and hit “join our tribe” and find out more about the support we offer.
  • Annick got to the point where moderation no longer crossed her mind. This is a huge step – when we accept that we can never drink alcohol we find peace.  Admittedly we have some work to do to change our habits but it’s entirely possible and so worthwhile.  Always remember that people who moderate just moderate – alcohol is not even on their radar. If you are listening to this you probably can’t moderate or you wouldn’t find it interesting.
  • Final tip is to give it your all. Ros and Annick really “threw” the book at their sobriety – Ros checked the community messages first thing in the morning and last thing at night, attended all the Zoom meetings, listened to the podcasts and read the quitlit.  Annick even listened to the podcasts twice!  Give it your all and get this sobriety thing nailed within six months – then work on thriving in your alcohol-free life and you will never look back!

Let’s end with a couple of the many benefits that emerged from those conversations:

  • Ros sleeps well, wakes up happy and has lost weight without even trying!  She’s just had her 71st birthday and says that sobriety is the best birthday present ever!
  • Annick has boundless energy and “joie de vivre” and relates to the title of Catherine Grays book – “The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober” – like me she had absolutely no idea that sobriety could be full of joy!

If you enjoyed this episode, then you can hear another 6 conversations about the power of taking a break from the booze by listening to episodes 75 and 76.

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