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Not-Quite Alcoholics provides tips, advice and inspiration for the sober curious and those in the process of changing their relationship with alcohol or going alcohol-free. Join your host Rory Kinsella, a meditation teacher, sober coach and the creator of We Meditate to Quit Alcohol and the Six Steps for Not-Quite Alcoholics. Not-Quite Alcoholics: how to go alcohol-free before rock bottom.


A Wake-up Call that Couldn’t be Ignored – with Janet Gourand

In this episode, I’m joined by Janet Gourand, the founder of Tribe Sober, a community of people changing their relationship with alcohol.

Janet is originally from London but has been living in Cape Town for the last 20 years. When she decided to stop drinking alcohol she could find very little support in South Africa and didn’t want to go down the rehab/AA route, so after getting sober her own way, she decided to use background in training and development to develop a program of her own.

Janet talks about how it took her three wake-up calls and many years before she finally accepted that life would be better without alcohol and quit.

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