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Tribe Sober – inspiring an alcohol-free life!

This week I’m interviewing one of South Africa’s national treasures – author, journalist, and political analyst, Eusebius McKaiser.

I first interviewed Eusebius in 2020 and that conversation remains our most downloaded episode – you can find it on Tribe Sober podcast episode 29 so please check it out later.

A couple of years later I ditched the drink, started Tribe Sober and noticed that he had signed up for our Dry January Challenge.

Eusebius is now 3 years sober and is yet another example of how effective these short challenges can be – a taste of sobriety can sometimes bring about a permanent lifestyle change.

If you are ready to try a Dry January then go to and check out the January challenge – for a small donation to a good cause you will get community and online support for an alcohol free month.

In this Episode

  • The sober curious movement is growing – we have an endless variety of AF drinks, many online sobriety groups and even our own magazine, Hola Sober.
  • Eusebius believes that people should be free to make “bad choices” in life but did agree with me that education is important. Alcohol is a legal drug that damages our health and drinkers need to be aware of that.
  • When tobacco advertising was banned, the information about the link with lung cancer was all over the media – if alcohol advertising was banned we would hear a lot more in the media about the link between alcohol and 7 different types of cancer.
  • Women need to know that drinking more than 3 glasses of wine a week will raise their breast cancer risk by 15%.
  • We tackled a couple of sobriety myths – first of all the myth that we can’t have fun without alcohol. The truth is that once you have navigated those early difficult months of sobriety then it’s easy to have fun without booze – and lovely not to have to pay the price of a hangover the next day! Our subconscious minds have been convinced by a combination of marketing and peer pressure that we need alcohol to enjoy ourselves. To deprogram this thinking we need to spend a few months socialising without alcohol – it’s not easy, but treat it as a challenge and you will get there – your subconscious will eventually get it!
  • The second myth we busted was the myth that we need the buzz of booze to be creative. Eusebius wrote some of his early essays when on his way down from heavy drinking sessions but feels he has done some of his best writing since he’s been sober.
  • We talked about the social pressure to drink which is relentless and hard to cope with when we are in the early stages of sobriety – alcohol really is the only drug we have to justify NOT taking.
  • That’s why CHALLENGES are so great – especially our January Challenge – we can just say “I’m raising money for charity by doing a Dry January” – nobody can really argue with that one!
  • We get more confident dealing with peer pressure to drink as time goes by and eventually many of us are proud of our sobriety and eager to talk about it!
  • Eusebius always maintains that it’s not our responsibility to make other people feel comfortable about their drinking and is quite happy to be rude to people who interrogate him about his sobriety!
  • We talked about dependency and I explained that I didn’t even realise what trouble I was in until I tried to cut down – and couldn’t.
  • That’s another reason challenges are great – its an opportunity to test your dependency – if you can get through a month without booze easily then you are fine – if not then you may need to make some changes!
  • Do a challenge at least twice a year to keep your eye on your level of dependence.
  • A challenge is also useful if you want to cut down your drinking – low risk levels are just one and a half bottles of wine a week (or 6 beers) – so do a challenge, have a month off the booze and then it will be easier to reset your drinking pattern.
  • Eusebius stressed that the Earthchild project helps children to find a moment of peace in their difficult lives. Yoga may be perceived as a middle class pastime but in fact the postures and the breathing bring a sense of calm to children who grow up surrounded by gang violence and poverty.

We concluded with a few tips and benefits of sobriety:

  • Eusebius’ main benefit, that he wasn’t even expecting, has been the time he has regained now he no longer drinks. He loves getting up early at the weekend and getting on with his day.
  • His tip was to stock up on AF drinks – Dry January Challengers get a discount from
  • My benefit was sleep – as drinkers we get only 2 cycles of REM sleep (we need 7) – over the years we build up a permanent sense of fatigue if we drink – even a month off the booze will boost our energy levels.
  • My tip was to find your people – its very hard to change your drinking alone so join tribe sober!
  • So I do hope we have inspired you to sign up for the January Challenge.
  • If you are listening to this and it’s not January don’t worry – we’ve got you covered – all you need to do is to go to our and hit Join Our Tribe and we’ll put you on our 30 day starter challenge for new members.

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