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Tribe Sober – inspiring an alcohol-free life!

This week’s podcast is released on Christmas Day so by the time you get to hearing it the festivities will be drawing to a close and your thoughts may be turning to 2022.  We want to help you to make a healthy start to the new year, so we’ve launched our 7th Annual Fundraiser. It will provide you with online and community support for an alcohol-free month – and enable you to help a disadvantaged child.  Talk about a win-win!

We believe in Challenges here at Tribe Sober – every year we run our Sober Spring Challenge – and then another one in January.  On this week’s podcast, we hear from 3 ladies who did Sober Spring 2021 – why did they sign up?  what was it like?  what tips do they have?  Let’s hear from Claire, Helena and Pam…

In this Episode

  • Like many of us, Claire had fallen into the routine of drinking a bottle of wine every evening – and she wanted to make a change.
  • Claire who wasn’t sure that an online community would work for her – she thought she might be the “wrong generation” but in fact she loved it.  She posted comments daily and felt a deep connection with the other Challengers.
  • She didn’t find it that difficult.  She had been “thinking about it” for so long that one she actually took action and signed up for the challenge she was more than ready – and got straight through 66 alcohol free days without a slip up!
  • Then we heard from Helena who has struggled with drugs and alcohol for years but who is now making real progress.
  • She was fascinated by the idea of a 66-day challenge and the fact that a new neural pathway can be created in this time.
  • Pam explained  that she had been worried about her drinking for a while and that the challenge finally made it clear to her that “moderation” was not going to work for her.
  • Our Challengers had plenty of useful tips to share – “make a plan” was a big one. Claire explained that visiting an exclusive game farm carrying a huge bag of AF drinks may have bemused the staff but it enabled her to stay on track!
  • Journaling was another important tip – buy a notebook, process your emotions and log your progress during the Challenge.
  • Treat your Challenge as a research project – listen to podcasts, read the quitlit and learn everything you can.
  • We often have a vague feeling that we need to do something about our drinking but a challenge will enable you to dip your toe in the waters of sobriety and take actionSIGN UP FOR THE JANUARY CHALLENGE HERE
  • “Alcohol is the only drug we have to justify not taking” so doing a challenge is a great “reason”.  If you have to explain to your family and friends why you are not drinking you can say “I’m raising money for charity by doing a Dry January!”
  • An alcohol-free month will enable you to experience some benefits of sobriety but to really experience the joys of alcohol-free living you need to keep going a bit longer.  You will meet others on the challenge who will be keep to extend the challenge to 66 days, 100 days – even six months!
  • Another great tip we heard from our Challengers was to reconfigure your day – shake up your routine a bit and you won’t miss alcohol so much!
  • If you are listening to this and it’s not January don’t worry – we’ve got you covered – all you need to do is to go to our and hit Join Our Tribe and we’ll put you on our 30-day starter challenge for new members.

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