How To Quit Alcohol in 11 Easy Steps

It is a new year and usually, that signifies new beginnings, right? Let’s look at how to quit alcohol in 11 easy steps. If you want to stop drinking yet you find the idea entirely daunting, have hope. Have faith in your ability to be a healthy sober person into 2022.

It is highly likely that you are reading this because you are worried that you are drinking too much. You have justified your over-drinking throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic and you have had alcohol daily – or a lot – for  the past two years. Now your body feels toxic, you are having memory issues and you feel guilty about your booze intake. Right? Maybe I am touching a nerve here – read on! Never fear, I have found these 11 easy steps that will help you to quit alcohol. See if you start them in the first week of 2022.

11 Easy Steps to Quit Alcohol

  1. Put it out there: tell someone, tell the world, just make it known that you are quitting the drink. The reason: you will then have to stick to it and you will very likely positively influence other people who are struggling to see the sober light
  2. Put it down on paper: write down the pros and cons of drinking and quitting drinking. See which one wins. Remember that head rules heart! What we write comes from our thoughts and our thoughts are mere energy that can make us or break us
  3. Pour it down the drain or give it away: make sure you have no more alcohol in the house. If your partner still drinks, maybe chat to them about where they keep their poison so that it is not near where you used to enjoy or pour a drink
  4. Keep a journal of your non-drinking: record how you are feeling, from day 1. Write down all your feelings and then add your physical changes and mental states too
  5. Change the way you drink: slow down, choose sugar-free alcohol fee drinks or delicious herbal teas. Try to savour the drink and make it last. You probably did not realize just how fast you were imbibing your alcohol and just how much you thought you needed. Stop when you have had enough and see how much you had that day – probably very little!
  6. Set a vision, a mission and some goals: this will boost your new decision to stop drinking. A vision would be something like: I want to be healthy and fit and clear-headed from now on. A mission would be something like: I will start to run and do yoga and I will cut out meat too. Then your goals would be all the practical steps you need to take to get there: buy new sneakers, find a running buddy, buy lots of vegetables, get a juicer, read up on health and wellness
  7. Be vigilant of those who still drink and still expect you to drink. You will get a lot of surprise and antagonism when people see that you have really stopped drinking. They will hound you, ask you lots of questions and even throw in a nasty comment or two. That will be their stuff coming out – such as their guilt that you have left them behind. Remember to always be polite and sure of your decision not to drink.
  8. Keep busy: do your exercise, work hard at your job and find a hobby. Get back into the things you have set aside because you were boozing too much: gardening, DIY, woodwork, and things you love to do in the house. Start something creative like mosaics, cookery lessons, art, sculpture, or an online course.
  9. Get help if you need it: ask a friend or family member who you can trust. It is probably best to ask for help from another sober person. If there is no one around, join an online group like Tribe Sober. Find a tribe who you can trust and befriend and open up to. Find a tribe where you fit in and dump the guilt and shame.
  10. Beware temptation. It is all around you. There will be dinners and birthdays, hot days, and sad days when you really could think that drinking is well-deserved. There will be events and times when you don’t know how to say no. But if you really mean it, and if you really believe in your need to quit drinking, you will. Remember that willpower is not enough. It must come from your heart, your desire to be clean and sober into the future.
  11. Be persistent! Stick to your plan to quit drinking. Do the work. At Tribe Sober, we have a list for you of the work you need to do:

Connection is the Opposite of Addiction

Which is why it is SO difficult to quit drinking alone. Connection means sharing what has happened to you and how you can move forward. While you may manage to get sober by sheer will power it’s almost impossible to stay sober without connecting with others on the same path. We have all been there, we all “get it” and speak the same language – no judgement – only support at Tribe Sober.

BUT if you are struggling –  are you “doing the work”?

Do you chat daily on Slack  – share and listen to wisdom from others ?
Attend the Zoom Cafe – every Saturday 4.30pm SA time?
Are you reading the Quitlit and listening to the weekly podcasts?
Have you done the WHY exercise and are you using your tracker?
Have you used your DrinkNil discount voucher?
Have you attended a workshop?
Have you tried our online yoga class and had a nutritional consult?
Have you taken advantage of your complimentary coaching, hypnotherapy and root cause therapy sessions?

One of the best things I ever did was to quit drinking.

My Tips:

  • Get fit and healthy and find an exercise you love that you can do every day
  • Change your routine a lot – walk when you would have had a drink, eat when you feel weak, read new books, do new courses and make sure that every day holds a goal and a new action
  • Find sober friends and see them as often as you feel like.
  • Be faithful to your needs. Learn how to say NO to social events and things you just don’t feel like anymore.
  • Be honest with your family and steer clear of anyone who triggers you.
  • Learn your triggers and work on them. They reflect our inner weaknesses where we need to do more work.
  • Be YOU!

Be brave, join a Tribe Sober challenge today.



The 11 Year Fact

Did you know that the average dependent drinker will struggle alone for 11 years before reaching out for help?

Don’t wait for 11 years – join Tribe Sober today!