Liver Supplements or Not?


Hello Dr. Judy. My local pharmacist is recommending a product from Standard Process called Livaplex for liver health through recovery. I wondered if you were familiar/thought it a good idea? I’m not familiar with anything on the ingredients list: A-F Betafood®, Hepatrophin PMG®, Betacol®, Spanish Black Radish, Chezyn®, and Antronex®.

I’m trying to give my body what she needs after decades of way too much wine and I am trying to sort out what would be positive in addition to healthy nutrition. Thank you!


I wish to start by explaining what happens when we drink alcohol. 

The alcohol gets broken down by an enzyme in the liver to acetaldehyde. This is a highly toxic substance which causes a lot of inflammation to our tissues as well as being a carcinogen (can cause cancer). Another enzyme breaks the acetaldehyde to acetone which is then secreted by the body. 

The inflammatory action of acetaldehyde is what damages our bodies and causes the typical lesions of alcohol abuse. In the liver it first causes fatty liver as seen in pate de fois gras (force fed geese). However, in the case of us heavy drinkers I don’t think many of us have a funnel thrust down our throats and the booze poured into our gullets. Further damage causes alcoholic hepatitis and then cirrhosis of the liver. 

What happens when we stop drinking? The body has the most amazing ability to heal itself. As long as we don’t have cirrhosis the liver can repair itself within weeks. To help this process it is important to eat well (no preservatives, colorant’s, processed foods, etc). Also keep yourself hydrated and rest a lot. In my opinion supplements are nice to have but not necessary.

That is except for Vitamin D. Most of us are deficient in vitamin D. It’s very important to our immune system in warding off infections and preventing cancer. As long as we are eating preferably  organic foods , as far as I’m concerned the other supplements aren’t needed

Hope this is of use,

Dr Judy.


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