Channel your Sober Energy into Saving Planet Earth

How can you channel your newfound sober energy into something good? Like saving Planet Earth? We all know that having goals to work towards in sobriety creates great neural pathways and keeps serotonin and dopamine flowing. But did you notice that the planet is in trouble? Humans are fast destroying their real Mother, Earth!

Do you have the will to challenge your sober energy into saving Planet Earth? Take my advice – green up your lifestyle as your new hobby. Set new green goals, stay sober and make an environmental difference today. Let’s look at this list from Hobby Help.

Great Ideas to Help you Set Green Goals

  • Start a river clean-up near you. If you haven’t got a river, a park will do. If you haven’t got a park, then save the beach.
  • Make eco-bricks and create something with them. You can make tables, chairs, shelves and more.
  • Learn about beekeeping and get a hive.
  • Garden all day and offer the garden for friends and for the community verges.
  • Start a YouTube channel on sustainable living.
  • Blog about the environment and taking action for Earth.
  • Start a podcast on environmental issues.
  • Start any social media page and get people to join and try to be zero waste-conscious.
  • Change the way you drive and live – walk and cycle more.
  • Exercise outside.
  • Upcycle old things and recycle more so that you re-use things instead of buying new things.
  • Shop at charity shops for used items and clothing.
  • Make art and décor from old things for home and garden.
  • Go vegan and eat less meat.
  • Travel less on airplanes.
  • Give back to those less fortunate.
  • Start an eco-club or a green book club.

At the end of the day, going green is a personal choice. My belief is that we all have a conscience, and we are all obliged to look after our Mother Earth. She keeps us alive! I believe in the conservation and preservation of all life on earth, from the soil and the plants to the animals and birds, the reptiles, and the bacteria. We are here for a short time and in that time, it is our duty to look after our heritage and leave it intact for the generations to come.

In addition, when we use natural, biodegradable products, we are also looking after our health. And a healthier person is a happier, more productive person! Just saying… In fact, getting onto the health bandwagon leaves no room for alcohol at all!

More Reasons to Go Green

Let’s look now at more good reasons to go green. We are in the day and age of huge environmental change. Most of this has been induced by humans. We are all part of the problem. Every one of us can take steps to reduce our carbon footprints. We can reduce our consumption of goods, our polluting of the air and water around us, and our overuse of natural resources.

Here are some great tips from Conserve Future Energy:

Save lives with green living – we can all decrease our use of toxic air pollutants in our homes. We can invest in cleaner cars. Walk more and cycle instead of driving everywhere. “Decreasing air pollutants would reduce water pollution by decreasing acid rain and eutrophication that can harm wildlife, especially in aquatic environments, and crops and trees…”

Make sure your kids have a quality life ahead of them – go green for the future generations who inherit the earth. Our children also want clean air, good soils, clean water and space to play in. If we destroy and use up all our natural resources, what will happen to the youth?

Boost Creativity – when you recycle you find plenty to make and do – we can save trees, fossil fuels, water and soil just by re-using things. First, it helps reduce waste, thereby paving the way for a cleaner environment. Next, it also gives you the opportunity to sell recycled products and make money from the same.

Eat Plants – save the earth by eating a plant-based diet and making sure there are fewer animals taking up space, being cruelly treated, and causing us health problems.

Green homes last longer – get off the grid and invest in solar panels, windmills, and water tanks. Become self-reliant.

Save water and energy – towards easing the human pressure on earth’s resources.

Buy local – to help the local economy and people like you and me who need the money!

Think about how you shopfollow the 6 Rs:

  • Rethink: what could be done differently?
  • Refuse: are there materials a designer would not use?
  • Reduce: can the use of materials be reduced?
  • Reuse: can the product be used again for another purpose?
  • Recycle: can materials be used that are easy to recycle when the product is finished with?
  • Repair: can the product be repaired instead of thrown away?

Challenge your sober energies into something good – like saving Planet Earth. We all need a healthy planet to survive and our green choices can be a lifelong job that we work at. No time for drinking then!

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