Are you Getting Closer to the Edge?

Think of it as a spectrum — at one end is the non-drinker and at the other end is the alcoholic. The alcoholic is the homeless man in the park with absolutely nothing in common with a high-flyer like yourself!

  1. You start to make “rules” — I’ll only drink in the week, I’ll stop at 2 glasses, I’ll switch to beer because I don’t like it much, etc.
  2. You break your own rules
  3. There is a nagging voice in your head that gets louder when you are hungover. “I really must cut down,” it says.
  4. You get to an event and they’re not serving alcohol. WTF? is your first reaction.
  5. The end of your evenings sometimes becomes a little blurry. The next morning you find yourself checking that your bag, phone, and jacket all got home safely.
  6. Although you eat organic, exercise, and do yoga you still drink. It’s the one thing you can’t/won’t let go.
  7. Most of your social activities revolve around alcohol.
  8. You’re quite happy home alone with a bottle of wine and Netflix.
  9. You think the “low-risk limits” of a bottle and a half of wine a week are ridiculous.
  10. You’re always tired, never seem to sleep well, and often wake up at 3 am feeling anxious.


The 11 Year Fact

Did you know that the average dependent drinker will struggle alone for 11 years before reaching out for help?

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