Published On: October 7, 2021421 words2.1 min read
  • Alcohol is cunning. It’s an addictive drug and needs to be treated with caution. We need to check regularly that we are still in control.
  • Drinking more than one and a half bottles of wine a week may put your health at risk. A break will help to “reset” your drinking patterns.
  • A 30-day break will allow you to identify your “triggers” and learn how to deal with them in more healthy ways.
  • Neuroscience shows that 30 days is enough time for our brain to form new neural pathways to form new habits — and break unhealthy ones.
  • It will take 7–10 days for your body to detox — after that, your sleep, your skin and your mood will improve.
  • Taking a break from booze will free your mind from wondering if you should drink tonight — or why you drank so much last night.
  • 30 days gives you an opportunity to become “Sober Curious” — to explore what your life would be like without alcohol in it — you may just prefer it!
  • Studies have shown that liver stiffness and high blood pressure will reduce during an alcohol-free month.
  • You may realise that you can have fun without alcohol — that you have been giving alcohol far too much credit for the good times!
  • Drinking alcohol is like throwing gasoline on the fire of anxiety and depression — you’ll feel calm and centered by the end of July!

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