OcSober Anyone? – Lebo Pule

So, most of you know that I went on an alcohol-free journey from 2019.

I had been trying to cut down my wine drinking since 2017 – and finally, from September 2019, I stopped completely.

I must just explain that I was a ‘social’ drinker like most sophisticated, upwardly mobile women. I drank expensive wine every weekend, at events, over lunches at restaurants. The idea was never to get drunk. I can count on my fingers the occasions that I was drunk. I drank my beautiful wine happily, you know, it was normal, it was social, it was a lifestyle.

But that started bothering me. I got even more bothered when I tried to have a wine-free weekend and I couldn’t!

That was in 2017. To cut a long story short, in 2019 I began a Sober Spring program that is run by the incredible Janet Gourand in September every year – and I never looked back.

I had not touched wine from that moment! I went through 2019 December wine-free! And the entire 2020. Yes, I think lockdown helped, I really do, but even after the government opened liquor sales, I didn’t go there.

Whenever I craved wine, I would have the non-alcoholic versions. Some are great – such as the Lotus range from Woollies. And some are just bad. I also rather enjoyed the non-alcoholic beers – especially Heineken.

So… this year, however, I had occasions when I had wine. About 2 glasses with company. I never have it alone because that’s part of the issue. I have probably had wine 5 times this year. And it’s been strange – my relationship with wine is definitely not the same. It no longer has that intense hold on me. I even forget it exists…

That’s all I wanted – to be in control of my life and not to struggle with impulse control. Now that I seem to have found that during lockdown, I’m wondering if I should stop completely… that I should lead a full-on alcohol-free life….  Decisions, decisions…

To be continued…

Anyone doing Sober Spring or OcSober? And also, if you don’t mind, how’s your relationship with alcohol?


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The 11 Year Fact

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