48. Why We Get ‘Hangxiety’ – William Porter Explains


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My guest this week is William  Porter – a lawyer with a passionate interest in the science behind alcohol dependency.  He has written two books on the subject – Alcohol Explained and Alcohol Explained 2.

In this Episode

  • William started drinking and smoking at the tender age of 14!
  • He managed to give up smoking by reading the book by Alan Carr – he was impressed by the methodology in that book
  • He managed to quit drinking after delving into the science of dependency – and discovering just how harmful alcohol is
  • We talked about “hangxiety” and how it’s caused by chemical changes in our brain – when it becomes over-sensitised
  • If you drink a bottle of wine every night then your brain will take the first glass as a signal that the rest of the bottle is coming!
  • That’s why moderation is so difficult – and it’s exhausting as we are thinking about it all the time
  • Cravings happen when we have a thought about drinking and then we start fantasising about that drink
  • The joy of giving up altogether is that we don’t entertain the idea of a drink so the cravings fade away
  • Dependency happens once we learn (consciously or subconsciously) that another drink will quell the anxiety caused by the first
  • William explained FAB – Fading Affect Bias – when we think back fondly about our drinking days – and forget how bad we were
  • FAB is responsible for many people falling off the wagon as they think they can now have “just one” – which is not sustainable
  • Rather than worrying that we are an “alcoholic” William suggests we consider whether alcohol is taking away more than it gives us
  • We both agreed that “sober socialising” is tough but that the best way to cope is to “feel awkward and do it anyway”
  • He explained why it’s a complete myth that alcohol helps you sleep – the truth is that it ruins our sleep!
  • His advice to people who want to stop is to write down all the reasons they want to drink – and realise they are all false beliefs
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