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This week my guest is Lane Kennedy.  A mother in long-term recovery she is a podcaster who has used meditation as a vital tool in her recovery journey.  She now helps others to learn how to meditate.

Lane quit drinking in 1996 so is 25 years in recovery.

In this Episode

  • Lane describes her drinking life as glamorous and great fun – until it wasn’t
  • Her drinking was inconsistent – she would sometimes only have two glasses – on other days she would drink to blackout
  • She did notice that she drank differently from her friends
  • Although she lived in a big house in Hollywood Hills and had lots of “stuff” but she wasn’t happy – drank to figure out why
  • She didn’t have a specific “rock bottom” but knew her whole life was falling apart
  • Some well-meaning friends tricked her attending an AA meeting, where she heard the message of recovery for the first time
  • It took her a year to get sober – up to 90 days it was really difficult and she missed alcohol which was her coping mechanism
  • 9/11 changed her life – she left the US and joined a Buddhist retreat in Thailand – looking for safety
  • She realised that in fact, the only safety any of us will find is deep within ourselves – and meditation enables us to reach that place
  • Meditation got her to the place she was looking for when she was drinking – a place of peace
  • Lane now believes that meditation and mindfulness are keys to handling addiction
  • She has a podcast called “Recover like a Mother” which includes episodes devoted to meditations
  • We discussed the “mummy juice” syndrome – and how motherhood is glamorised via social media
  • We talked about the importance of sober influencers – Lane’s podcast provides a platform for sober moms to spread the word
  • Lane has a podcast and a website –
  • Lane is thrilled about the rise of the Sober Curious movement which enables more people to find the space to try sobriety
  • Joining Tribe Sober is a great way to start your Sober Curious journey – find out more on
  • We’ll put you on a 30-day alcohol-free challenge so you can test your dependency
  • Membership also allows you to find your people as we welcome you into our supportive community
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