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Tribe Sober – inspiring an alcohol-free life!

My guest this week is Lynne Brown – our very own Sober Buddy Mentor!  A Brit like me, Lynne came to South Africa 20 years ago and fell in love with this beautiful country!  She is also a volunteer Alcohol Counsellor in the UK.

In this Episode

  • Lynne never had a “rock bottom” – she just became more aware that she always felt a bit “below par”
  • She was aware that giving up alcohol would improve her health – and indeed it has
  • She was drawn to learning more about addiction and she realized she could help others who were struggling
  • Lynne has experienced considerable benefits since she went alcohol-free – she sleeps much better and can eat more!
  • We talked about the massive increase in alcohol problems in the UK during the pandemic – and the difficulty of making a change
  • We have to reconfigure our lives when we stop drinking – especially if our lives have revolved around alcohol-related activities.
  • This has been really hard during lockdown of course –  fewer opportunities to meet new people or develop new interests
  • We talked about Tribe Sober’s Sober Buddy program – it all began because some people who got sober wanted to stick around
  • Our “graduates” wanted the personal connection but also to help new people or people who were struggling
  • The Sober Buddy program was informal at first but then Lynne came along and put some order in the system!
  • We now have pictures and bios of all our Sober Buddies on the website – together with guidelines
  • As a qualified counsellor, Lynne has been able to offer support and advice to our Sober Buddies
  • Joining Tribe Sober is a great way to start your Sober Curious journey
  • We’ll put you on a 30-day alcohol-free challenge so you can test your dependency
  • Membership also allows you to find your people as we welcome you into our supportive community
  • Just go to and hit the “join our tribe” button to read more about the benefits of membership

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