46. Are you Physically (or Psychologically) Addicted to Alcohol? – Molly Watts Explains


Tribe Sober – inspiring an alcohol-free life!

My guest this week is Molly Watts, a senior living specialist who believes that we can create habits that will lead to a longer and healthier life. Going alcohol-free is a healthy habit that will certainly help!

In this Episode

  • Molly was just 13 when she first challenged her mom about her drinking – and talks about growing up with an alcoholic mom
  • Her mom continued to drink in spite of going to rehab 4 times – she died from an alcoholic binge at the age of 80
  • In spite of witnessing the damage that alcohol can do, Molly went on to develop a drinking habit of her own
  • She never hit “rock bottom” but she was drinking 3 or 4 glasses of wine every evening which was draining her energy/motivation
  • Like many of us, Molly had a constant nagging voice in her head about her drinking – was following in her mom’s footsteps?
  • However, she worked hard at making a change and now has a “peaceful” relationship with alcohol
  • She began to understand that she was drinking as a buffer to deal with emotions – stress and overwhelm
  • Molly realised that her drinking habit was in conflict with her passion project which was all about healthy and positive aging
  • She is a self-confessed science geek and her key to changing her drinking habit was information
  • The more she learned about alcohol the less she felt like drinking it!
  • Molly talked me through what happens in our brains when we have a drink – and why we end up with Hangxiety
  • She emphasised that there are absolutely no health benefits to alcohol – in spite of what the media tell us about red wine!
  • Every time we drink we act as our own “petri dish” – as the alcohol has a different effect
  • Molly explained that less than 10% of people who drink too much are physically addicted
  • She talked about the DSM and how it examines your relationship with alcohol
  • We agreed that the best way to make a change was to get “sober curious” – joining Tribe Sober is a great way to start!
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The 11 Year Fact

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