Celebrities Who Quit Drinking


I am not a follower of celebrities anymore. But celebs who quit drinking do intrigue me I have to say. I always ask myself WHY they have quit. I have watched the Freddie Mercury movie, Bohemian Rapsody, and the Elton John movie, Rocketman, and both films really wrenched my heart. Those poor guys!

So, I did a bit of delving, and it is quite heart-warming to discover just how many famous people, aka celebs, are becoming sober. Yes, they are quitting drugs and alcohol. Many are still IN recovery; others are clean and dry. But we all know that being IN recovery is forever.

Many of us who read and write these articles are IN recovery. And we should be proud, Dammit! I still wonder if I am IN anything because I was a “mommy needs wine” drinker and I am so glad I stopped when I did.

So, when I researched this blog, I found plenty of enlightening reasons why people, celebs, gave up drinking. The sober life is getting trendy out there in Hollywood.

Trending News: Rappers are Getting Sober

I am so impressed that so many rappers have gotten sober. Eminem stands out as a huge influencer of teenagers these days and yes, he is sober. He says that his kids and being a father snapped him out of his addiction and relapses. He was a notorious pill popper who was taking 20 pills a day. He was quietly killing himself. He was 40 when his organs started packing up and he became sober. He even sang about it all in his 2010 album called Recovery.

I am a huge fan of Eminem I have to admit. Kendrik Lamar is another rapper, like 50 Cent, who never drank at all. He used his music to highlight the woes of growing up in the 21st century, and the hard times Generation Y presently experiences in society. Our kids listen to this stuff so if lyrics are good and clean, all the better for such role models!

Kendrik uses his music to speak up against drugs that target our youth. One of these is a terrible drug called Molly that is taking over lives of impressionable youngsters. He always avoided booze and drugs because he comes from a partying family who used and abused it all.

Lamar says that he wants to tell the public that there are times when you can’t follow a trend just because it has become popular. He warns kids that often it is best to be Uncool!

Drinking Makes you Fat

Another musician, in a completely different genre, recently quit alcohol because he was gaining weight! Liam Payne (former One Direction star) was frustrated to watch himself in a TV show, so dropped the alcohol. He is only 27 years old and already feeling the benefits of having no booze. He admitted that when he was drinking, he realised how the drinking just gets too easy. He was having his first drink earlier and earlier and his boundaries were weakening. He knows he is not alone.

Enter Daniel Radcliff, a young impressionable actor of Harry Potter fame who quit drinking when this cycle of films ended. Sober since 2010, he is now super glad that he had the head to stop his drinking and to move on after the Potter fame. He realised it was a definite lack of self esteem and direction that made him get drunk every night. His friends helped him to stop in the end.

From young actors stopping drinking to the mature sober guys, Hollywood is oozing the no boozing news. Michael Caine has quit alcohol as part of a new health kick. He is in his 80s and after a lifetime struggling with alcohol, he has given it up for his grandkids. He wants to spend quality time with them.

Sober Female Role Models Too

An advocate of the AA is famous model, Naomi Campbell, who has also joined Narcotics Anonymous. She had a bad spell of boozing, for almost 10 years, which changed who she was as a person. She thought she would not survive because she was drinking so much. She joined AA to stay sober and it worked. She knows that addiction and alcoholism do not discriminate.

Miley Cyrus is another vivacious actress who has been sober only for a few months now. She learned a lot about her family’s use of substance and how there was mental illness in her genes too. She had vocal cords surgery and that was that, no more alcohol. The big thing for Miley is that she still has fun without alcohol. She says that no one needs a drink to have fun.

Well, that said it all for me. So many celebs stopping drinking. So many famous people who have a huge influence on society at large. Our teenagers look up to rappers and actors and actresses and if they are sober, all the better. A sober future is what I would love to see in this world.

We are all Simply Human in this Crazy World!

The reason why I looked at famous people in this blog is to highlight the fact that we are all simply human.  The lockdowns worldwide, Covid 19, have changed the way we live forever. What is the new normal? For me, it is about waking up full of eager anticipation for the day ahead. Connecting with Nature and being there for my kids. Being present. What better way to be present, than to be sober?

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The 11 Year Fact

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