44. From Party Animal to Mom of 3 – Vicky Vanstone


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My guest this week is Vicky Vanstone – a Brit who is living in Australia.

Vicky was a binge drinker whose identity was pretty much as a “party animal”.

However, like many young women, she found the transition from party animal to stay-at-home mom a very difficult one and eventually decided to stop drinking completely. And now she inspires other moms to get “sober curious”.


In this Episode

  • Vicky had surrounded herself with other drinkers so her binge drinking was completely normalized
  • As a party animal, she enjoyed recounting funny stories from the night before
  • Things changed for Vicky when she had her first child – motherhood introduced an element of shame into the morning after
  • She felt hugely anxious and guilty that she was struggling to look after the baby when she was hungover
  • These emotions led her to become “sober curious” at the age of 34
  • We agreed that the “sober curious” movement is hugely helpful as it implies that we can get off the slippery slope
  • We don’t have to hit “rock bottom” and become an “alcoholic” before we make some changes
  • For Vicky, the transition from independent party girl to stay at home mom was a huge shock – as it is for many women
  • She believes that’s where the mommy juice culture comes from the need for a release from the stress and boredom
  • Motherhood is a tricky mix of mundane tasks and huge responsibility, and women need more information to prepare them for that
  • Just as drinking is glamorized by the media, so is motherhood – which makes reality an even bigger shock
  • Vicky got some help by going to a therapist – she learned that she had to value herself rather than “people-pleasing”
  • She has now been alcohol-free for 2 years and has her own podcast called “Sober Awkward”
  • Vicky’s website is www.drunkmummysobermummy.com and she also has a FB group
  • Joining Tribe Sober is also a great way to start your sober curious journey..


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