Top 10 Stop Drinking Apps to Keep you on Track

It is not easy to stop drinking so why not harness the help of a stop drinking app? Keep on track with a programme that guides you to take every day an hour at a time, to set up a new routine and to meditate the blues away.

We all know that the opposite of addiction is connection. Tribe Sober is that, connecting with others like you who want to take their sober journey seriously. Find your tribe and share your dreams and goals with like-minded people as you change your life forever.

Every app designed for addicts to stop drinking has a unique approach: there are stop drinking apps, sober apps, how to moderate apps, meditation apps, recovery apps, addiction assistance apps, alcoholism apps, and many more. They can be downloaded onto your Android or iPhone and used instantly. I have chosen some of the most popular stop drinking apps to help keep you on track.

  1. Nomo – It’s time to say no more!

This app was started by a guy who used to drink a lot and who is now sober and helping others.  Parker says that he created the app he needed and now there is a community using it. Yes, you become part of an instant community of support and you can see how well you are doing at the click of a button. Nomo tells you how long you are sober, how much money you are saving, how many calories you are burning and how much time you are saving – plus more! “Nomo is a passion project from a fellow screw up in recovery.”

  1. Recovery Box

This app is made for the Apple gadget lover and has been developed particularly to assist those recovering from addictions. The developer is a friend of a former addict who needed to track their sober progress very closely. So the app was formed to assist this friend to track their positive progress, day by day. When the recovering addict records all the good things towards wellness and is accountable for the good habits, the idea is that he becomes aware of the habits that cause addiction and weans himself off these. This app is a toolbox of help at your fingertips.

  1. Sober Time

Stay sober and stay happy. This app helps the ex-drinker to not drink again. Count the hours and the days, moving into wellness.

Become motivated to do better and keep going. There are motivational messages, tips to save money, useful goals and milestones to reach. Track your own way to success, one day at a time. If you like statistics, this app is for  you as you never lose sight of where you are in terms of where you are going. Celebrate every little achievement even if it’s a second by second account of your sobriety! The best part is that you join a community and meet like-minded people so you can share and be part of something connective. Read all their posts and share yours.

  1. Sober Tool

A great tool yes to get you on the road to sobriety. Find a message that suits how you feel today. Focus on the peace within, the serenity without and find a new direction. Follow the useful calls to action – many of us have experienced that stuck feeling so when someone else or something else urges you to take action, it really helps. You can either search for a word that describes how you are feeling today, or a word that you need to assist you today, then you find the questions or messages relevant to that word. This app is focused on the emotions that ex-drinkers feel and provides wonderful coping strategies for all degrees of sobriety. Avoid relapse with this app that you can relate to every day.

  1. Sober Grid –

Get on the grid and join one of the sober world’s largest communities. Use the free resources and track your sobriety day by day. There is even constant peer recovery coaching which is a huge plus for this app. Get help from qualified coaches when you need to talk or turn things over with someone or just get out of your own mind. It was started by people who wanted an app that ex addicts can relate to and get help from every hour of every day. Some join to get the support and others join to provide the support (coaches). It is free and connects you to the global sober community so make new friends and join your own tribe. Maybe there will be someone living in your own neighbourhood who has joined!

  1. I am sober –

If you are sober and you really mean it, get onto this new app for those ditching the drink. You simply cannot be alone on this app as thousands of other ex-drinkers share their stories and their progress. The best part of this app is that you can take and share photos, journal straight into the app and share with new friends. You can set your sobriety birthday, find motivational messages and learn how to support others in the same boat as  you.

  1. Sobriety Counter

Look in the app store for this one – a way to count your sober days in a fun gaming kind of way. Everything is bright and happy and helps lift your mood the minute you open it. See how much money you are saving by not drinking, set personal goals and see how well you are doing to reach these. Make sure you treat yourself every time you reach a goal (the app makes sure you do!). There are useful scientific mental health stats, health facts and more that show you just what drinking did to you and how healthy you can now be. Save your brain, your liver, kidneys and general cell health. This app is for you if you are determined to stop drinking. Look at the tips regarding triggers and stressors that were causing you to drink. Find a new life, sober and healthy.

  1. Stop Drinking with Andrew Johnson 

Check out this app for heavy drinkers who really want to stop or try to moderate their drinking. Try a bit of hypnotherapy, positive affirmations, visualisation tools and more to reach your goals. This app is designed to help you deal with the emotional and physical cravings for alcohol and to learn how to break that habit. It is possible to break habits with new thinking patterns – we literally have to rewire the brain. Andrew Johnson is a coach, therapist and mindfulness guru who has helped people for many years with beneficial breathing techniques, meditations and self-care tools.

  1. Joe & Charlie 

Joe and Charlie come from a dedicated AA background and grew their own path based on AA steps. Their “Big Book Comes Alive” weekends took off in America and their approach has attracted followers all over the globe. You would choose this app if you love the AA and how it works. Look what their write-up says:

“Born into a family of drunks during the Great Depression in 1929, Charlie Parmley kept a fairly low-profile. He grew up in Tulsa, joined the Army after high school, and served in Germany at the tail end of World War II. He got married and moved to Arkansas to farm and raise a family. Despite following in the Parmley footsteps and being drunk for a number of years, he had a reputation in town as that guy who was always willing to reach out a hand to help where it was needed. Charlie got sober in 1970 and started studying the Big Book seriously with Joe in 1973. For Charlie it was all about the steps: “Remember, we recover by the steps we take, not the meetings we make!”

Joe McQuany came from Kentucky but it was the Arkansas “nut house” that saved his life. In 1962, at the age of 34, Joe McQ woke up in the psych ward at the Arkansas State Hospital. He’d remarked more than once that in 1962 a white man could find some kind of program to treat his alcoholism, but black men like Joe wound up in state hospitals and psych wards. An AA group brought a meeting into the hospital and he went—mostly for the hot coffee and cigarettes those meetings were giving away.”

10. I Am Daily Affirmations – Noelle Stransky

This was created by someone who felt the loneliness creeping in after a bad breakup. Stuck in a new city, she battled to fight her depression and to keep on track. So she designed the App I Am to relate to all those who fight loneliness and need motivation in their day. Boost your own positive thinking with the positive messages and affirmations. Set them up to remind you a few times a day how important you are on the earth!

Which app appeals to you and why? Please share your findings on the Tribe Sober forum today!


The 11 Year Fact

Did you know that the average dependent drinker will struggle alone for 11 years before reaching out for help?

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