43. How Ditching the Drink set me Free! – Loyiso’s Story

Tribe Sober – inspiring an alcohol-free life!

My guest this week is the lovely Loyiso Mkele.

We met long before I started Tribe Sober and we had no idea that we had a “drink problem” in common.

However once I managed to stop drinking and started Tribe Sober, Loyiso reached out for help.

She’s been sober for two years and is thriving in her alcohol free life – have a listen to how she did it!


In this Episode

  • For 13 years Loyiso was drinking at least a bottle of wine a day – she knew the problem would just get worse.
  • She knew she would have to make a change but had no idea HOW to make the change.
  • One day she heard me on the radio and because she knew me personally that shocked her into action.-
  • Loyiso realised that there was a support group for people like her.
  • Coming to the workshop was a huge relief for Loyiso – not only had she found her tribe but she now had a practical toolkit.
  • By using the toolkit and connecting with the tribe she was able to stop drinking – she loved the sense of community.
  • She was inspired by people who were hitting their milestones – and eventually became a role model herself.
  • She is now a Sober Buddy with two years of sobriety and enjoys helping our newbies to get started.
  • Loyiso had some tips for people starting out – find your people and connect with them daily.
  • Immerse yourself in quitlit and podcasts – expect to be tired for a while and to get cravings for sweet things – eat fruit!
  • Remember that alcohol free wine is your friend – take it out with you and use it at home when you would normally have a drink.

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Janet x


The 11 Year Fact

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