42. Six Years Sober – How I Did It!

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This weekend is a special one for me – my sixth soberversary!

So I’m talking about my six biggest challenges – and how I overcame them.

In this Episode

  • I summarise my story of how I got hooked on the booze and why I decided to make a change
  • Then I go through my six biggest challenges and how I overcame them
  • CHALLENGE 1 – Finding my People. I tried for many years to give up drinking alone but finally reached out for help and connection
  • CHALLENGE 2 – Keeping Perspective – accepting that it was going to take time – first year about “not drinking” then going deeper
  • CHALLENGE 3 – Dealing with Emotions – I had learn to cope with my emotions – to get comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • CHALLENGE 4 – Dealing with Anhedonia – in early sobriety I struggled to find pleasure in anything – I had to push through this
  • CHALLENGE 5 – Saying Goodbye to my Best Friend – I drew a line under my drinking years by writing a “goodbye to alcohol” letter
  • CHALLENGE 6 – Finding my Purpose – I had to embrace my alcohol-free life and discover new interests and passions
  • I linked a tip with each of my challenges which I hope will help others on this journey

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Janet x


The 11 Year Fact

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