41. Hypnotherapy and Addiction

Tribe Sober – inspiring an alcohol-free life!

My guest this week is hypnotherapist Belinda Roxburgh – a valuable member of the Tribe Sober team.

She came to one of our early workshops and has been alcohol free ever since.

Belinda has worked with many of our members and helped them to overturn their limiting beliefs around alcohol.

In this Episode

  • After years of drinking, we need to find a way to heal our minds as well as our bodies – that’s where hypnotherapy comes in
  • Belinda explained how addiction narrows our world and our ability to experience everyday pleasures
  • Hypnotherapy can open up our world to other possibilities
  • We talked about limiting beliefs and how hypnotherapy enables us to question those beliefs
  • Belinda explained that she had been to several doctors/therapists about her anxiety- nobody asked her about her drinking
  • Since she has been alcohol-free her anxiety has reduced significantly
  • She now realizes we must take responsibility for our own healing – rather than relying on doctors who will just prescribe drugs
  • We agreed that a Tribe Sober workshop plus a session with Belinda can enable someone to overturn their limiting beliefs
  • Feelings and emotions are the languages of the subconscious and hypnotherapy allows us to reach our subconscious mind
  • She wasn’t sure how well her hypnotherapy sessions would work over Zoom but to her surprise, they are working very well
  • We talked about the number of sessions needed and Belinda explained that it varies but that 6 was the average
  • We talked about our 66-day challenge which is based on the theory that you can create a new neural pathway in that time
  • A few hypnotherapy sessions during the 66 days would increase the effectiveness of the challenge
  • For more info go to Belinda’s website (Riverside Hypnosis) or email her at belinda@nullriversidehypnosis.co.za

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The 11 Year Fact

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