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Tribe Sober – inspiring an alcohol-free life!

My guest this week is Cici Reagan – a recovering addict and a domestic abuse survivor.

With a difficult upbringing, and then an abusive partner, the odds were stacked against Cici and she became an alcoholic – but she also found solace in her writing.

Not only has writing saved her own life, but she is now helping others to heal – using the power of poetry.

In this Episode

  • Cici’s father was an alcoholic – and so was her first partner.  That is quite a common pattern.
  • She went to AA as that was the only thing she knew about – it took her years to find the right group – but eventually it worked.
  • As she got sober, she was feeling emotions she’d buried for years – she had no idea how to deal with them.
  • She’s been drinking since she was 14, so lacked the emotional maturity to deal with her emotions.
  • As she worked through her traumas, Cici recognised that the drinking had just been a symptom.
  • Throughout everything she experienced, she had been writing – poetry, short stories and journal entries.
  • She shared what she was going through – and when she got sober, she started a community for people like herself.
  • Cici used to feel a lot of shame about her drinking but can now look back at her younger self with compassion.
  • We recommend journaling as a key recovery tool here at Tribe Sober.
  • If you feel you need help with your creative writing then check out for free resources which can help.
  • Cici also runs workshops.
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