Liver Damage


Dear Doctor

I recently had some tests done, as I thought the reason for my massive weight gain was maybe a liver issue … Turned out that eating too much was the main reason.

One of the tests is S-g-GLUTAMYL TRANSFERASE where my result is 75 IU/L. What does this even mean? My GP just said to cut back on the wine, but I would like to know what is considered a normal count and if “cutting back” not really actually means – QUITTING completely?

I will really appreciate your response.


Your gamma glutamyl transferase is about double the normal value. However, this is a rather non-specific test and there are various reasons that it could be elevated.

I would recommend that you go for a new test on the market called carbohydrate deficient transferrin (CDT) which is specific for alcohol-induced liver damage. It’s quite scary how relatively little alcohol (more than 1 1/2 bottles of wine a week) can damage the liver.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance .

Best wishes,

Dr Judy


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