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Tribe Sober – inspiring an alcohol-free life!

My guest this week is Dr Avishkar Sabharwal who specialises in Obesity and Lifestyle Medicine.

Avishkar has a passion for helping people suffering from lifestyle diseases, especially obesity. He aims to help people facing obesity get their lives back on track.

In this Episode

  • Avishkar suffered from obesity himself and has developed a passion to help others who have this problem
  • We talked about the relationship between alcohol and obesity and Avishkar explained that alcohol is a source of empty calories
  • Not only does alcohol have a detrimental effect on every part of our body, but so too is it a source of empty calories
  • Even though alcohol adds no nutritional value at all to our bodies,  it will still cause us to put on weight
  • We discussed the similarities of dealing with a weight problem and alcohol dependence – and the importance of mindset for both
  • We talked about the fact that food has always been a “social binder” within communities but these days it includes “non foods”
  • “Non foods” are essentially junk foods – nutrient-deficient yet acting on our addictive pathways (like alcohol)
  • We agreed that accountability is hugely important – whether we are losing weight or giving up alcohol we need community
  • I explained that at Tribe Sober we encouraged accountability via our Annual Trackers and Sober Buddies
  • Avishkar stressed the importance of dealing with “underlying causes” – whether for alcohol or obesity – therapy may be required
  • We discussed Intermittent Fasting as a way of dealing with excess weight, and also meal replacements
  • Both of these methods are effective but it’s important to choose a program which will be sustainable
  • Avishkar has a free Facebook Community to help people wishing to lose weight – go to for link
  • He also has a weekly podcast called Decoding Obesity – available on Apple, Spotify, etc
  • If you would like a copy of the Annual Tracker (for logging your alcohol-free days) email me at

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