Ode to TribeSober … The Journey …

Not only do our tribe members have big hearts but they also have talent.

Their creativity knows no bounds and as they thrive in their alcohol-free lives they write some beautiful testimonials – and today we received our first ever ode.

Written by Flic – in the pic – with her zebras.

The Tribe Sober team are blown away – thank you Flic, you made our day!


The ode to the journey is months in the making ….

An ode, for those who are asking, 

 is a lyric poem in the form of an address to a particular subject,

written in varied or irregular metre …

It is here for the taking (or not!!!)


The journey began …  Janet remembers… (she does, she remembers !!)

When my enquiry was made (shiver my embers),

About ditching the drink, and what could I do …?

She sent me an e-mail …. I thought … Flic, it’s on you!!!


Many months passed, and a bunch of things changed,

My job got more toxic, I was deranged!!

I decided to quit, the job and the booze….

OHHH, what a step … it ain’t any cruise!


So: there this wonderful journey began ….

Can I do Sober Spring … yes, yes I can!!!

The WhatsApps came streaming,

I was half screaming …..


But ditching the drink, YES WE CAN!!


Sue was a marvel, in setting the platform,

She asked a few questions …. (not just “the norm”!)

Goodness me, what a blitz to the brain….

Flic, can you do this? snow, shine or rain?


On the 30- day sober journey was I….

And the WhatsApps came streaming, oh could I cry!!

The fellow challengers all shared their bit,

Oh my, it was tough for this struggling git!!


But ditching the drink, YES WE CAN!!


After the 30 days, Workshop came next,

Man, what a game-changer, direction, context!!

Then came Lynette …  priceless gem, insightful, wise,

Then Belinda – hypnotherapy, compassion, she heard my heart’s cries.


The journey has helped to re-find my “me” ….

Caring, soulful, compassionate, gentle, loving, free.

The “me” that alcohol made tough, distant, absent, destroying,

Thanks to you all, there is no more “maybe”.


 Our journey continues, thank you to you all,

Continue to love as you answer each call.

It’s not all a cruise, nor a walk in the park,

But thanks to this Tribe, the future’s not dark.


Lucy came in … and said “pink” vs “black” …

You wonderful soul …. I’ll always keep track!!

Lucy’s tracker is a gift, a true friend,

I’ll track to whenever …. Including the end!!


Janet, my friend, you’ve got such a big heart,

You take us all in and say “here’s the start”.

You guide us, encourage us, show us the way …

You are gifted, dear Janet … no more can I say.




Belinda, Sue, Lynette, Lucy and Janet







The 11 Year Fact

Did you know that the average dependent drinker will struggle alone for 11 years before reaching out for help?

Don’t wait for 11 years – join Tribe Sober today!