36. 66 Days of Feelings

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My guest this week is South African Communications expert – Nicole Klassen

You can see her TEDx talk HERE

Nicole signed up for our first Sober Spring Challenge back in 2018 and it changed her life.


In this Episode

  • Nicole realised she was on a slippery slope when she started to drink alone – rather than socially
  • She felt very emotional during early sobriety – and spent lots of time crying!
  • We agreed that if you’ve been numbing yourself for years with booze, then the emotions will spill out when we stop
  • Sobriety helped her to find her voice again – and she wrote a beautiful blog about “66 Days of Feelings”
  • Many of our Sober Springers have been inspired by Nicole’s blog which you can access HERE
  • Nicole explained how her meditation practice enabled her to better observe her own behaviour
  • Benefits of sobriety included losing puffiness and 10kgs – she has developed a better relationship with her body
  • A significant insight for her was the fact that ALL of our feelings are necessary (good or bad)
  • She realised that our behaviour is triggered by a feeling which is triggered by a story we have in our past
  • Since she stopped drinking Nicole has become more productive in her work and has become more consistent
  • We talked about the “feminisation of alcohol” – she comes from a marketing background so she knows exactly how this works.


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