12 Ideas for a Sober Easter Basket


Is this your first ever sober Easter? Are you having second thoughts about boozing it up over the long weekend? I have come up with 12 ideas for a sober Easter basket, just for you. So, hang in there!

The Easter bunny tends to arrive in secret, laden with chocolate eggs for the kids. Adults tend to think it is time for 4 days of outrageous drinking. Why do so many adults feel that it their right for a real piss up over Easter? Is it just because the kids are otherwise occupied, and the weather is perfect? Or is it because there is nothing better to do, right?

Wrong! Easter is a long weekend made for sober sorties. Pack your autumn holiday with some self-care with these healthy and non-addictive ideas. Grown-ups have every right to be hopping crazing during the chocoholic phase of the year!

Buy yourself, or your sober buddy:

  1. A soft stuffed bunny toy to lay beside you in bed! Aaah a cuddle really helps…
  2. A huge soft continental pillow to fluff up while you watch Netflix in your pj’s all day
  3. A bucket full of gardening supplies: seeds, herb seedlings, a small spade, a fork, some pretty gloves, and a hat
  4. Garden décor: glittery mobiles that dance in the wind, musical chimes for the verander, a new deck chair, a beach umbrella or a blow-up dolphin for the pool
  5. Melody makers: an iPod, a Spotify membership, a musical DVD of your favourite artist, an iTunes gift card or a quality speaker to attach to your cell phone
  6. Something to wear: sunglasses, a bracelet, a tie-dyed T-shirt, lounging tracksuit pants, fluffy pj’s, sheepskin slippers or a string of bright beads
  7. Gentle smellies great for the skin: a new moisturizer, a herb skin balm, something foamy for the bath, scented Epsom salts, a florall perfume, healing chakra oils or vanilla candles for that relaxing Friday evening
  8. Something to eat: biltong, dried wors, homemade rusks or crunchies, hot cross buns with extra cinnamon, 90% cocoa chocolate, a homemade easter plaited bread or a snoek to throw on the braai
  9. Crafts and arts: embroidery kits, water colour paints and a sketch pad, a mindful colouring in book, something to knit or crochet and something to sew on the machine. Get the pattern and start!
  10. Sporty goodies: a new yoga outfit, socks for hiking, a sunhat, a fit bit, something branded to wear such as a sports vest or shorts, a new buff to wind around your head and a natural suncream to ward off the burn
  11. An evening out: a comedy show, an ice skating drama, a night at the open air cinema or just an exciting Indian meal out somewhere new
  12. A stroll in nature: take a walk in a forest, along a wild beach, in the mountains or around your block. Just take note of the birds, the bees and all the huge trees around you.

Who needs to have a boring old sober Easter? Not us, that is for sure!

Getting through a sober Easter can be tough, especially if you (or one of your friends or family) has just decided to ditch the drink. It is not easy coming face to face with addiction in any of its forms. There will be up days and there will be down days.

Addiction recovery is a big phrase. But a very real one. It is ongoing and takes little steps, day by day. Find yourself a gift or offer your friend support along the way. Encouragement comes from recognizing that you need to treat yourself and rest. One of the best gifts we have to offer you is this website! Join Tribe Sober, read all the inspiring blogs and letters and listen to the uplifting podcasts.

Oh, and Happy Easter!




The 11 Year Fact

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