35. British Journalist Phil Cain Explains Why Sobriety Sizzles!

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My guest this week is British journalist, Phil Cain.  Author of two books about alcohol, he brings a fresh and scientific perspective to the dialogue.

His books have spawned a wide range of activities, including hosting panel discussions – which is how I met Phil.

In this Episode

  • Phil explains how he was keen to write a book from a scientific perspective, rather than personal experience
  • He stopped drinking while he was writing his books – to better understand the “discomfort” that sobriety can bring
  • We agreed that Sober Sprints are essential for regular drinkers – the only way to check that you are not becoming dependent
  • If you would like to do a Sober Sprint then sign up as a Tribe Sober member to join our 30 day alcohol-free challenge
  • Phil explained that the “low risk limits” (one and a half bottles of wine/6 beers a week) are not widely known
  • Covid has brought extra stress into everybody’s life and many people are self-medicating with alcohol
  • Drinking alone has become more common in these days of the pandemic – it’s so easy to drink more when you are alone
  • We agreed that “drink sensibly” is an oxymoron as alcohol actually removes your ability to act sensibly!
  • Phil believes that we should encourage people to look at their drinking by “selling sobriety” rather than emphasising the dangers
  • He explained why “Sobriety Sizzles” and if there was a pill that achieved what sobriety does, it would be hugely popular!
  • Phil’s books are called “Alcohol Companion” and “Alcohol for Nerds” – go to www.philcain.com to sample and purchase
  • At our workshops we recommend treating sobriety as a “research project” – these 2 books should be an essential part of your research

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