33. Getting Inspired with Adam Schaeuble

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Welcome to our first Tribe Sober podcast – rebranded from Goodbye to Alcohol – to Tribe Sober

If you missed out on the lowdown regarding our transition from World Without Wine to Tribe Sober, then you can catch up by listening to our last episode – Episode 32.

My guest this week is Podcast Business Coach and Weight Loss Guru, Adam Schaeuble.

His story is similar to mine in that he resolved his own issues and then went on to help others to do the same.

In this Episode

  • Adam shared his personal transformation story with us
  • We agreed that many of the methods he uses to help his community can be used in the Tribe Sober community
  • The first step – asking for help – is the hardest – we have to put our ego to one side and reach out
  • Adam uses a strategic approach with his clients – gets them to plan 28 days in advance and look for “danger zones”
  • We discussed the importance of not letting a “slip up” derail you – just get back on track straight away
  • Anchor points are essential – they give you a dopamine hit to keep going forward – at TS we have milestone badges!
  • Adam explained the difference between motivation and inspiration – we need to be inspired if we are going to succeed
  • If you don’t feel inspired then get some coaching – if  you come to the coaching session “motivated” you will leave “inspired”
  • He shared his transformation timeline with us – and stressed the importance of finding a new purpose at the end of the journey


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The 11 Year Fact

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