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Tribe Sober – inpiring an alcohol-free life!

After running WWW for 5 years it’s time for a change – we are rebranding and launching a whole new membership programe.

We are rebranding to Tribe Sober!

This is a solo episode before we get back to our usual interview format for our newly branded Tribe Sober Podcast.

In this Episode

  • I explain the rationale behind the name change
  • I talk existing members and would-be members through our “6 steps to Sobriety” membership Model
  • Step 1 is about connection – joining our Chat Forum, Zoom Cafe and checking our our Member Bios
  • Step 2 is about Preparation – get in those AF drinks, read some QuitLit and do a Workshop
  • Step 3 is about Doing the Work – take a Challenge, download a Tracker and grab your Milestone Award
  • Step 4 is about getting more support – do you need a Sober Buddy or some Coaching or some help from our Doc
  • Step 5 is about Healing your body and mind – access discounted Yoga, Nutrition advice and Hypnotherapy
  • Then it’s time for Step 6 – time to celebrate by joining our exclusive One Year Club and Paying it Forward.
  • Please make sure you are Subscribed so that our rebranded podcast arrives on your phone next week!

More info

Subscription membership – you can join up HERE

  • To access our website click HERE
  • If you would like a free copy of our e-book “66 days to sobriety” please email us at

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This episode is sponsored by the Tribe Sober Membership Program.  If you want to change your relationship with alcohol then sign up today.

Read more about our program and subscribe HERE

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