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I often think back to that exact moment during 2020, when the reality dawned on us.

We were officially going to be stuck within the four walls of our properties. Some weird little animal’s virus had actually made its way across the great divide. And with it, the new phrase on everyone’s lips: #thenewnormal

The irony, no one had the faintest idea what this “new normal” was actually going to be like. We used the phrase with a little trepidation, hesitation and disdain. No one, absolutely no one wanted their lives to change. And most certainly not this drastically. It was a s*%^ show to say the least!

But for me 2020 was The Best Year Of My Life

I was forced to take stock. With so much time on my hands, I couldn’t but help to sit through some really uncomfortable emotions.  And surrounded by a pandemic, I also had to face my own mortality. The question that kept whirling around in my head was: “Is this as good as it’s going to get?”

I also desperately wanted a new normal

2020 had come to save me. My own personal Camino de Santiago had begun. Sadly, this time round I couldn’t catch a plane to Spain. I had to “walk” this pilgrimage called LIFE on my own, stuck in the back yard of my heart. It took me along steep hills (fears), through troubled waters (history) with raindrops (tears) often pounding against my soul. But I knew I had to keep walking, because at the end of this journey freedom and contentment would await. Two things I had been craving for all of my life.

Back in 2019, I walked the French Way of the Camino de Santiago. For more than 1000 years, the little yellow arrows along the route, have been showing pilgrims the way. My greatest desire on this new “pilgrimage” was to find the The Magic of Loving Yourself First

In 2006, Yahoo (back then THE search engine) launched the Yahoo Time Capsule. The idea was simply for participants to capture a moment of the “digital era” that was 2006. The time capsule was then “shot into space” and would have been opened on Yahoo’s 25th anniversary last year. Seems no one at Yahoo was at the office during 2020 though! #thenewnormal

I took a bit of inspiration from Yahoo and decided to write a letter to my “future self.” A letter to remind me of how far I would go, how courageous I had been and how curiosity didn’t kill the cat! I wanted to live from the heart and not hide behind my vulnerability but rather harness the power of vulnerability.

So, the letter goes…

Dear future #wynvliegoorit

Whatever you are busy with right now, STOP. Go outside, breathe in today. Tell your husband how much you love and appreciate him (you are one of the lucky ones.) Take your child a coke – life is too short to waste on worries about healthy teeth and clear skin. This year has been a rough ride, hell your life has been a roller coaster at times. You are tough and courageous. You never give up, that’s your thing. But this year has also taught you that being tough also means being vulnerable. And that vulnerability is not a scary place. You’ve learned what self-love really means and that all the labels  Vol 25: Plak ‘N Plakker, Hang ‘N Etiket Om Die Nek you have so gingerly been sporting is a load of BS. You got a sniff of real freedom and you found some peace … you found your way back.

Turns out your so-called best friend #wynvlieg was Brutus after all.

You don’t need that little pest to be your lover, your best friend. You don’t need him to feel sexy and loved, you don’t need him to fill the boredom and you most certainly don’t need him to fight your battles for you. You learnt that he made you antsy and was stealing your life from you. He came in handy when you needed a crutch, but you are not broken and don’t need any crutches to get you through this life.

Did you know you would meet a wonderfully spiritual girl, N I C H O L E W I T H A N H.  Those two crescent moons you’ve been proudly wearing on your wrist – she did those for you. To remind you of how courageous you are, and how curiosity will always remind you to feel deeper, be more and speak the truth from your heart. 

Those crescent moons are now also on the wrists of more than a 100 woman. You inspired them to share their stories of courage and curiosity. They all had the exact same tattoo done to remind you of a sisterhood with a bond so strong – who let their light shine brightly on the kids from The Earth Child Project. You and this @tribesober, made a difference.  

And remember this version of yourself, will love you forever and always! #thenewnormal

Love #wynvliegoorit

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