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Tribe Sober – inspiring an alcohol free life!

After running Tribe Sober for 5 years and helping hundreds of people to ditch the drink and embrace alcohol-free living, I’ve learned a thing or two.  My biggest insight has been that sharing our stories around alcohol is the most powerful way we can help others – that’s why the heart of this podcast is recovery stories. 

This week I’m chatting to an inspirational woman, Mary Ann Shearer, who is a best-selling author and a motivational speaker.


 In this Episode 

  • Mary Ann is a woman before her time and was advocating veganism thirty years ago! 
  • Her first book, “The Natural Way”, was written more than 20 years ago 
  • She explained that if you give your children lots of sweet things, it sets them up for alcohol dependency later in life 
  • Mary Ann had alcoholic parents and, as a result, she craves order and control – and has never drunk alcohol 
  • We agreed that children of alcoholic parents tend to be like her – or they tend to follow the pattern of their parents 
  • She advised people who have stopped drinking to satisfy their cravings by eating fresh fruit, not chocolates or sweets 
  • Our bodies need glucose and eating fresh fruit satisfies the craving for alcohol 
  • Mary Ann feels that alcoholics are clever people who need a creative outlet – sobriety will give them the time and space to find one 
  • She explained the damage that alcohol does to our endocrine system – and how it makes menopause much worse 
  • To find out more about Mary Ann go to her website – her book is called “The Natural Way” 

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