20. My 5 Years of Sobriety! – Janis

October 3, 2020

Tribe Sober – Your Guide to Alcohol-free Living!

After running Tribe Sober for 5 years and helping hundreds of people to ditch the drink and embrace alcohol-free living, I’ve learned a thing or two.  My biggest insight has been that sharing our stories around alcohol is the most powerful way we can help others – that’s why the heart of this podcast is recovery stories.

Janis came to a workshop back in 2016 and has recently celebrated her fifth Soberversary.

In this Episode

  • Janis had tried taking regular breaks from alcohol but it never quite stuck
  • She even managed 8 months of sobriety once – then tried to moderate, but found herself back drinking heavily within weeks
  • It was a blackout one Christmas that made her decide to make a change
  • We both agreed that when we drink heavily our world “shrinks” – all we care about is alcohol-related activities
  • She saw an article in the Sunday Times about Tribe Sober – and booked herself on the next workshop
  • Janis loved connecting with other people who were struggling with alcohol and after the workshop she stayed in touch – the connection helped her to make a permanent change
  • She is now 5 years sober and feels “renewed” – so much energy – she knows that sobriety has helped her get through the menopause
  • She made and drank a lot of kombucha when she first stopped drinking – also drank AF beers
  • Janis connects much better to her children and has a group of Sober Buddies that she hangs out with
  • We both agreed that we get a lot of pleasure from everyday activities these days – now that we no longer rely on the chemical high from alcohol
  • The alcohol free drinks industry is exploding which is a positive sign and many young people are drinking less
  • We talked about how many people know that they must drink less, but have no idea HOW to cut down and how Tribe Sober can help
  • Tribe Sober provides tools and community support to enable people to change their relationship with alcohol

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The 11 Year Fact

Did you know that the average dependent drinker will struggle alone for 11 years before reaching out for help?

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