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June 27, 2020

Tribe Sober – Your Guide to Alcohol-free Living!

After running Tribe Sober for 5 years and helping hundreds of people to ditch the drink and embrace alcohol-free living, I’ve learned a thing or two.  My biggest insight has been that sharing our stories around alcohol is the most powerful way we can help others – that’s why the heart of this podcast is recovery stories.

In this episode I interview Kgothatso Meka.   He came along to a workshop with a very specific goal in mind – he was ambitious and knew he would be more likely to succeed in his career if he avoided the heavy drinking culture in his workplace.

In this Episode

  • Kgothatso came along to a workshop at the tender age of 32
  • His colleagues in banking were binge drinking at the week-ends and, although he joined in at first, he could see the dangers
  • He wanted to learn more about his relationship with alcohol as he wanted to avoid the pitfalls
  • AA definitely didn’t appeal but he felt that Tribe Sober was for “normal” people who wanted to cut down – so he came to a workshop
  • The workshop was exactly right for him – lots of information and left him feeling motivated to make some changes
  • After the workshop, he committed to 100 sober days – but then decided to carry on and put his health first
  • He felt incredible and didn’t want to spoil it so he actually did 6 months alcohol-free
  • The break has made him much more aware – and given him confidence to turn down drinks when pressured.


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