6. Activists’ Corner – With Jen

June 13, 2020

Tribe Sober – Inspiring an Alcohol-free Life!

After running Tribe Sober for 5 years and helping hundreds of people to ditch the drink and embrace alcohol-free living, I’ve learned a thing or two.  My biggest insight has been that sharing our stories around alcohol is the most powerful way we can help others – that’s why the heart of this podcast is recovery stories.

In this episode I interview an important member of our Tribe Sober team – Jen Luiz.  She came along to a workshop a few years ago, ditched the drink and then became our resident “Activist”. Jen is very vocal on Twitter (@JenLuiz) which she uses to call out people who are misrepresenting alcohol in the media.

In this Episode

  • Jen talks about her personal struggles with alcohol
  • She describes how her world had shrunk until her wine was the only thing that interested her
  • She explains how she felt like an utter failure – as a wife and as a mum
  • Jen heard Janet on the radio, booked a workshop and recently celebrated 3 years sober!
  • She explains how important journaling has been (and still is) to get (and stay) on track
  • As someone who went back to “Day 1” many times, she urges people to be tough on themselves and power through
  • Once Jen got to 100 alcohol-free days and started experiencing the benefits of sobriety, she found it easier
  • She is experiencing so many benefits – clarity of thought particularly – that she feels she is living her best life
  • Jen still misses wine occasionally, but is go grateful for the benefits of sobriety she will never drink again
  • We discussed the “normalisation” of alcohol and how apparent this becomes when you stop drinking
  • Alcohol has become the “only drug you have to justify not taking” due to constant glamorization by the media
  • She hates the “mommy juice” culture and the fact that the wine industry targets women
  • Ironically “Women’s Health” magazine is always pushing alcohol, and Jen has written to them several times

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The 11 Year Fact

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