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Hi Dr Judy

I wonder if you can advise. I used to be smart – MENSA smart – and have for the last few years lived in a “dwaal” where I have had memory blanks. I used to forget about what happened in meetings at work, what was agreed, what had been discussed, etc.

And I only drank at night. Black outs and not remembering the night before was the norm. But as I say, I used to forget many things that had happened in the day as well.

I have not been drinking since mid-March and was kind of hoping that the brain-fade would have improved. However, today I can’t remember what I did on Friday and what we might have discussed in meetings. While the black spots are not as frequent, they are still happening. Will they improve or have I damaged my brain (it was once my best asset) forever?




How old are you? Alcohol does affect the brain and it can take a long time to recover. However, there are other conditions that can also affect your brain.

My advice to you is to consult a neurologist so that he or she can try and rule out these conditions and give you peace of mind.

Best wishes,

Dr Judy.

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