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Dear Alcohol

We have been lovers for more than thirty years. I have enjoyed our frequent romps together but lately, however, I am not feeling satisfied when we do our thing. The two glasses of nice red last night confirmed this for me. I pushed through to finish that half bottle from the night before but I was not enjoying it one bit.

I think the love is gone. I also feel that you are jealous of my other lover, Yoga. You are interfering in that very special relationship. I know you have many lovers, but I tolerated it as we could still have fun most of the time. Why then do you not reciprocate? It would only be fair!

Consequently, our relationship has become a lot like doing handstands against the wall, it feels fake. I would rather try handstands in the middle of the room, even though I may fall more easily. It’s much more exciting and I feel better for not having the bad lover (the wall) who makes my body bend in a bad way [thanks Susanna for that “bad lover” comparison, its has stayed with me for ever and kept me in the middle of the room].

So I left the Tribe Sober workshop wanting to moderate our relationship, but on reflection I think we need to part ways for good.

Yours sincerely,


Dear Yoga

Last week we celebrated our fifth anniversary. You have been patient and loving and never held back your gentle embrace, even when I had spent the night with Alcohol.

You have changed my life, you exhilarate me and make me feel alive. Each little surprise you deliver at unexpected moments … touching my toes took 4 years, crow, side crow, hand stand, heck even eka pada koundinyasana and many more just arrive by accident and leave me smiling for the rest of the week.

I think the divorce with Alcohol will bring us closer and I can’t wait to be playful and giggle like a child as you and I spend time on the mat together each day.


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