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We are fortunate at Tribe Sober to have a Doctor on our team.

As Dr Judy says  “we mustn’t underestimate this virus, we have to keep ourselves safe”.

Her advice is as follows”-

“Forget about acquiring masks and disinfecting alcohol hand wash. Firstly, mask wearing is tricky and if not done properly useless. Most of them give very limited protection. The stores are already sold out of alcohol hand wash (although Yuppie Chef  still have some hand sanitizer and surface disinfectant)

There is nothing wrong with plain soap. Wash your hands whenever you come home. Google how to wash your hands properly. There are many hidden spots on our hands that are often missed.

Don’t shake hands , the elbow bump or even a wink will suffice. And try not to touch your face with your fingers

Get a flu shot. There are a lot of myths about the flu shot; it will not stop you from picking up other viruses eg the corona or other common cold  viruses but it will prevent you from getting the influenza virus the experts have targeted for this year (as long as you go to a pharmacy that has maintained the cold chain properly)

Panic buying is a big problem. Therefore, stock up on supplies to last for about a month. Chronic medication is a must to you don’t have to enter a pharmacy with potential sick people.

Stock up on your favourite AF drinks! It will be a disaster to run out of those. Also, if a coffee drinker make sure you have enough

Forget about processed foods. Rather obtain rice, pasta, tinned tomatoes, dried beans etc so you can make nutritious, tasty meals.

Avoid all anti inflammatories (eg Ibuprofen in Mypradol and cortisone)

The chances are that we will be self isolating ourselves. As not to suffer from cabin fever stock up on magazines, books etc to keep our minds occupied.”

Stay well!

Janet x

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