Dancing – A High That Lasts More Than 20 Minutes!

During a recent workshop I mentioned the fact that the “buzz” that us drinkers love(d) so much only lasts 20 minutes – and then it’s downhill from there as the depressant qualities of the booze kick in.  That fact obviously resonated with one of our tribe who wrote this interesting blog about Conscious Dance – thank you Sheila!  

“Janet mentioned conscious dance as a ‘feel good’ therapy in the Tribe Sober workshop on Saturday . My curiosity piqued, I Googled it and found a class on Monday evening in Erin hall – that promised “a lot of fun and a way of rediscovering the joy in life. No specific dance skills or experience is required and there are no steps to learn. It’s a great way to meet and interact with like-minded people. Anyone 18 years and older welcome. This is a safe space. “

The article also said that singles were welcome.

I was nervous to go into a group alone but I took my courage in my hands and did – and boy was it worth it ! The class is lead by Annelize who is welcoming.

Dancing with Strangers

There were 10 participants on the night we met. We started off in a circle with introductions to each other and with an intention for the evening. Ours was to be “proud of ourselves” and then Annelize lead us through a series of dances (to some great Latino music).

We started off with free dance to loosen up – the only restriction was to go forwards only.  After that we did a series of dances with instruction that ranged from dancing in 2’s for a short while, then changing partners; dancing around a “fire” and taking in the heat and strength and a chance to “burn”  some emotional rubbish; walking with purpose and strength; poses of strength and as well as some quiet dances. We ended with swaying to music, feeling and imagining a flow of water all around us.

It felt as if we were back in the school play ground. Everyone was smiling and doing their own thing – there was no right or wrong and no correction.

We are always told to “dance as if no one is looking“ and in this environment we were able to do exactly that. It was non-judgemental,  heaps of fun, great gentle exercise and there was absolutely no socialising pressure. It was all about moving and getting in touch with your own body.

Biodanza is Amazing!

I’ve tried Nia and felt completely out of my depth, and Zumba (not for me ). In both of these I felt I had to coordinate and compete – not so here!


The classes are called BIODANZA – it s a form of therapy developed by a psychologist in Chile in the 1960s. It is a method to develop our human capacities, communication skills, and relationships; including the feeling of happiness. [4]

Biodanza has been featured on CNN Chile, on BBC TV and national newspapers in the UK, and in lifestyle magazines in the UK and South Africa. The UK Daily Telegraph describes Biodanza as “a series of exercises and moves that aim to promote self-esteem, the joy of life and the expression of emotions.”

The conclusion: this lived up to its promise and I will definitely go again. A great start to the week and an AF safe place to explore.

The links and some pics are below:



Love Sheila.


The 11 Year Fact

Did you know that the average dependent drinker will struggle alone for 11 years before reaching out for help?

Don’t wait for 11 years – join Tribe Sober today!