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One of the most difficult things about changing one’s relationship with alcohol is coping with the “peer pressure” to drink.  We are social animals so when we peel off from the herd to do something different we can feel alone and vulnerable.  The trick is to find others on the same path – to connect with a new tribe.

We see the power of connection at our workshops when people share their stories.  Stories about just how unhappy alcohol has been making them.  This is often the first time they have expressed their emotions about their relationship with alcohol and it is a cathartic and healing experience for each individual.

It’s a truly humbling experience to listen to people open their hearts to a group of strangers and there is a palpable sense of relief after the “shares” – as people realise that they are not alone in this.

Not everybody can attend a workshop so that’s why we set up a subscription membership program.

We now have nearly 200 members who are connecting regularly via the Members WhatsApp group.

Every Saturday afternoon we have a “check-in” session via Zoom which helps everyone to stay on track.

Our members use the groups to share their struggles, their triumphs, to ask for advice and sometimes just to let off steam!

Here is a WhatsApp message from yesterday:-

“This morning I woke up feeling so grateful for sobriety.  Far from being boring, it’s an adventure where I encounter the highs and lows of being human.  For those of you questioning your decision to stop or feeling “it’s too hard right now” I say “it’s worth it!  you’re worth it!” – your healing begins the moment you stop hurting yourself”

Since Tribe Sober began 5 years ago we have helped many people to ditch the drink.  Some of those people are now working as “Sober Buddies” to help the newbies to change their relationship with alcohol.

We have a private “members section” on our website where you can select your very own “sober buddy” or read some of our “members shares”  – one kind member has allowed us to post her share HERE

There are many other benefits to membership including online support, coaching sessions, direct access to our Tribe Sober Doctor, hiking groups, hypnotherapy and discounts.

However without doubt the key benefit of joining our tribe is the power of community.  As a subscriber you will connect with others on the same path.

Changing your relationship with alcohol is not an easy thing to do – and it’s almost impossible to do it alone.  Connection is the opposite of addiction.

As one of our members says:-

“I have tried to give up drinking many times.  Only when I became a Tribe Sober Member was I able to make the change.  The online support is motivating but the sense of community is exceptional.  The Members WhatsApp group is amazing.  The love and support that everyone has for each other – no matter that everyone has different backstories.”  (Julia, Tribe Sober Member)

You can learn more and join our tribe HERE 

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