Gut Flora and IBS


Hi Doc

I’ve had something of a candida overgrowth for a long long time now. I take probiotics daily now and seem to be happiest on the Probiflora Junior (2 a day). I suffer with a spastic colon (since teen years) but was able to ignore that until recently, as the red wine seemed to help void the colon.

I removed alcohol from 17 March for 38 days and suffered terribly with IBS, like I haven’t felt it for years. I cut out bread (although have the occasional wheat product) and now try to avoid all grain fiber and also have increased veg fiber daily intake.

Today is 15 days free of alcohol and although I was a little more prepared for it than last time, I’d really like some advice on getting the gut flora balanced, and some info on how these two are related. I find the Probiflora helps as long as I don’t skip a day, but even without skipping, I still get a little discharge despite the probiotics.

Funnily enough, I had some de-alcoholised wine last night (two small glasses) and that was a massive catalyst for a painful reaction over the course of the evening. Pain as there was bloating, which was trying to move I guess, but couldn’t move. I am sleeping a lot better – I was seriously sleep deprived. I used to wake up sometimes at 12am and be awake the whole night. Lack of sleep is like instant IBS for me, I have to be extra careful of what I eat the next day if I did not sleep enough or well.

I guess my body is just in a mess and will stabilise eventually, but my brain keeps going to thoughts of polyps blocking my intestines. Also, I think I have increased sugar/chocolate intake, which may be feeding the harmful bacteria?

Any thoughts or advice for this situation would be greatly appreciated.





This sounds like a much more complicated condition than can be overcome with changing diet and not drinking. Your first port of call should be your GP who will arrange a colonoscopy and blood work to firstly rule out any underlying physical problem.

Polyps are easy to deal with nowadays and are often zapped during the colonoscopy. If it is Candida at the root of things, it requires months of a very restricted diet and specific medication. Worry will also add to the cocktail. My advice would be to not try and treat this yourself. Rule out medical problems, this will then help with the anxiety and only then start to tackle diet, if cost allows, with a good dietician.




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