Nick’s Story

Nick is an investment banker who stopped drinking in Feb 2017 as the result of our New Beginnings Workshop. Thank you for sharing your story, Nick! 


My journey to health started over 10 years ago. I started by giving up smoking after my dad died from lung cancer.  I was +112kg at the time and an exemplary couch potato. Basically: a script for a short life.

A few years later, I started to exercise five to six times a week. I had tried various exercise regimes over the years but nothing stuck. Fortunately, for no logical reason, I decided to give yoga a try. I do not discriminate; I do all yoga that makes me smile inside. It started with a ten day pass to see what it was about, a 90 day pass to get rid of the sore body and thereafter: yoga addict!

This exercise strategy proved to be a good one for me and I lost 20kg – but then flat lined. I could never understand why the weight loss stopped. I was getting strong, feeling healthier than any other time in my adult life and starting to make healthier food choices. Yes I was still drinking, although that did not stop me from getting on my mat each morning.

My health was improving but not at the same pace as the weight loss. Unbeknown to me, things were not well.  Adrenal fatigue, cortisol resistance and massive hormonal imbalances were found to be the problem. That was more than two years ago.

Eventually the penny dropped for me after hearing Tribe Sober on the radio.  I was inspired and decided to try an alcohol-free life after attending the workshop. On reflection, it’s strange that alcohol was not identified as an obvious roadblock to my health objectives much earlier on. Perhaps the social acceptability of drinking helps to mask the issue. My health is good and I’m feeling great.

My top 10 benefits of alcohol-free living

  1. At work I’m performing better – I’m feeling good, in control and alive – I connect better with people, am more observant and pay closer attention.
  2. My health has improved dramatically – I have much more time and more energy, can do more at work and at home and pursue my interests more vigorously.
  3. My sleep quality has improved greatly. No more waking up at 02:00 and then lying awake waiting for the alarm to go off.
  4. I’m waking up strong, ready for an hour on my yoga mat and then a productive day at the office.
  5. I’m losing weight again… slowly but it’s happening.
  6. Sex is better sober… really! Try it.
  7. I’m handling stress better. Counter intuitive for me, but true. I always thought alcohol was a good way to deal with stress and now it seems to me to be the exact opposite.
  8. I’ve saved a ton of money – booze is really expensive.
  9. It’s great to drive home after a social event. No worries about a possible roadblock or having to try and connect with an Uber (a task which is much simpler when sober).
  10. The quality of our marriage is improving – and I know I am a better role model for my children.

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The 11 Year Fact

Did you know that the average dependent drinker will struggle alone for 11 years before reaching out for help?

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