Could YOU do a Dry December?

How are you feeling as we inch our way to the end of this very strange and difficult year?

Many people have been drinking more to cope – more than the low risk limits of one and a half bottles of wine a week that’s for sure!

At some point it’s time to take control and get back on track – months of daily drinking will lead to dependence – if you want to read the science then you can find it here.

The festive season is round the corner so this could be an ideal time to take a break from booze – imagine having a clear head and lots of energy as you power towards 2021.

No I’m not talking about cancelling the holidays but I am talking about a whole new way of coping.  Yes I’m talking about a DRY DECEMBER!

I know it’s crazy, I know it’s “off the wall” but thats the kind of year 2020 has been – we’re even opening our Dry January fundraiser early so you can get support from December 1st – check it out here

So here we go – 10 reasons to be dry this December…

  1. December is a madly busy time – chances are that whatever your profession you will be busy at work, busy socially – and of course busy creating that “perfect Christmas” for your family.  If you give up alcohol for December you can actually claw back a lot of time.  Time usually devoted to planning drinking sessions, drinking and then getting over the drinking.

  2. Everybody does “Dry January” but only the seriously cool people do “Dry December” and then start the new year feeling fantastic – rather than exhausted and poisoned with excess food and alcohol.

  3. There is never a perfect time to give up or cut down on alcohol – but December 2020 may well be a little quieter than previous years – Covid is still out there and socialising may well take a back seat this year.   Your friends may not even realise that you’ve ditched the drink for a month!

  4. You will reduce your stress as you “take control” – you will sleep better and steam through your “to-do” list and even begin to feel slightly superior to your pals as they struggle with their hangovers…if your friends give you a hard time just tell them you are doing 30 dry days to raise money for Earthchild – maybe they will even join you…

  5. You will have a wonderful excuse for avoiding the dreaded “end of year party” – “I’m taking a break from alcohol at the moment so think I will give it a miss this year” – let somebody else wake up the morning wondering how they got home last night.  You can be sure you will hear about exactly who did what to whom before the day draws to a close.

  6. You won’t have that anxiety in your heart about the amount you are drinking and the nagging thought that you really must do something about it come January – you will be way ahead of the game this year…

  7. Action is the key – “Just Do It” – at least get through those first few days in December “alcohol free” – and if you can’t manage it then maybe you do need to seriously think about addressing your relationship with alcohol.

  8. You will lose weight!  We are surrounded by super-fattening foods during December and after a glass of wine or two we just get stuck in.  Staying sober means you can stay in control of what you are eating and drinking.  As an extra bonus you can opt out of the dieting misery train that we are all supposed to board come January 1st.

  9. A lot of people worry that they cannot enjoy themselves without alcohol – but think about it – what makes a good Christmas?  – being with your family and seeing the joy on the children’s faces as they open their presents – or knocking back the booze?

  10. At the very least a sober Christmas will be an interesting experiment – even if you hate it you will have tried – and who knows – you may even discover a whole new side of yourself…


To help you on your way WorldWithoutWine have launched their Annual Fundraiser for the Earthchild Project which in fact can also be “Dry December” if you dare – just make a small donation by clicking  here 

In return you will receive a daily motivational e-mail from WorldWithoutWine to keep you on track for 30 days.

We will also invite you to join a WhatsApp group and our private Facebook Group so you can interact with others on the same path.

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The 11 Year Fact

Did you know that the average dependent drinker will struggle alone for 11 years before reaching out for help?

Don’t wait for 11 years – join Tribe Sober today!