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As we prepare for the 4th Annual Fundraiser for Earthchild (and a target of R50,000) it’s wonderful to reflect on how the support of donors has made a tangible difference to so many children, equipping them with the skills and mindfulness to help them reach their potential. One of the many things I love seeing is some of our first yogi students are now helping run classes and being involved in facilitating the project – making the enterprise truly sustainable.

From the bottom of our hearts we’re sincerely grateful for your kind generosity. And of course a very special shoutout to South Africa’s favourite talk show host, Eusebius McKaiser, who is not only a donor, but provides us with an incredible platform to reach his wonderful listeners.

It was late 2015 when I came across the wonderful Janna and Noks from The Earthchild Project, their office was next door to the yoga studio i attended and once we’d met i’d often pop up for a chat.

Having just launched Tribe Sober we talked about the potential for a fundraiser and the idea came about to offer a ‘Dry January Challenge’ to incentivise donors, with all proceeds going towards supporting the Earthchild Yoga and Life-skills class in Khayelitsha and Lavender Hill. You can watch a short video of our visit to one of those classes.



My own experience of Dry January back in Britain was always as a form of penance, paying a high-price for a typically excessive party season. It was always a struggle, and inevitably i would make up for lost-time come February!

So what we offer in return for a donation to the Annual Fundraiser is the support, tools, and encouragement to get through 31 days without a drink.

This comes in the form of a daily email program packed with motivational tips and advice on how to get through an alcohol-free month, plus an invitation to our private members Facebook group where you’ll find our wonderful community, ready to offer their help and advice, or just a friendly ear!

If you’re keen to get started then you can join the program as soon you like. Donations are now open via GivenGain and we’ll be keeping the Fundraiser going up until February 2019 so you can choose when’s best for you to get started.

  1. Make your donation via GivenGain 
  2. Receive our introductory email within 24 hours
  3. Tell us when you’d like to start your challenge
  4. Join the Tribe Sober community!

If you’d like to make a donation but not receive the daily emails do let us know.

Janet x

PS – We’ll be posting regular updates and more content over the next few weeks so make sure you’re following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for all the latest!

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