Verny’s Letter

Dear Mrs Smirnoff

How I have been battling to get you out of my mind for weeks if not months now.
You have clearly become an obsession with me. I have known for more than 7 years that I am an ALCOHOLIC, there is no two ways about that!

I have been without your “friendship” for 4 years and there you were again!!! I went looking for you and I found you my devious “friend”. You got your claws right back into me again……………but guess what? This time I am ready for a fight and I am going to win, just watch me Mrs Smirnoff.

I hear your voice loud and clear every day, trying to get me to find you again, please go away and leave me alone. I am saying no to you my “friend” …… definitely for today, we will see what tomorrow brings.

Please let me go and let me be me or let me rather say, “I am gonna let you go my ‘friend’ and I am gonna be me, be the best that I can be without your devious ‘Friendship’.”

The Secret Affair that you and I had for so long is out in the open! Everyone knows about you! There is no-more hiding you away. I have been hiding you everywhere in my house but your time is up Mrs Smirnoff. I made up my mind to live without you and with the help, understanding and True Friendship from Mrs Sobriety I know that I WILL make it.

I said good bye to you on the 31 August and have been talking to my New True Friend Mrs Sobriety every day.
Good bye Mrs Smirnoff……………. go well.

01 Sept 2018 – New beginnings!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today is my next step to a sober, free and happy life. I am willing to grow and yes, I am going to grow into Sobriety. No more temptations, or should I say, no more giving into Temptations!
I want this and I am going to get it, that’s for sure!
Here’s to New Beginnings and Growth?

Till later,



The 11 Year Fact

Did you know that the average dependent drinker will struggle alone for 11 years before reaching out for help?

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