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Dry January is a great way to test your dependence on alcohol and give your body a bit of a break but if you really want to experience the benefits of alcohol free living and change your drinking habits for good then it’s just not long enough.

So Tribe Sober is launching its 3rd annual Sober Spring Challenge!

The Challenge will run for 66 days – starting on 21st September – that’s long enough to assess your relationship with alcohol.

If Sober Spring is a breeze for you then that’s great – but if it proves to be REALLY hard (or even impossible) then you may need to consider making some changes.

Six reasons why you should do Sober Spring

  1. The first 30 days of any alcohol free challenge are usually the most difficult ones. Hang in there and it gets easier and easier.
  2. You will have a great reason for not drinking “No thanks, I’m doing Sober Spring.”
  3. Your mind will clear and your creativity will get a boost. Most importantly, you may just decide to make a major life change.
  4. You will build a new sober “neural pathway” which means that you will find it easier to consider an alcohol free future.
  5. You will make healthier food choices, feel more like exercising and ditch those extra kilos.
  6. The benefits that come in after 2+ alcohol free months are significant. You will notice weight loss, better sleep, clearer skin and fresher looks.

How it works:-

First of all, you need to click HERE to register for the Sober Spring Challenge – the cost is R350 (£18.20/$24.15)

As a result, you will receive a daily motivational email from us and be sent a daily mini podcast for 66 days

You will be added to a WhatsApp group to connect with others doing Sober Spring

You will also receive an invitation to join our private Facebook Group and our Zoom Cafe every Saturday

Any questions just mail us at


See you on the Sober Spring Challenge!





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