Soberversary Joy for Jo!

That first year of sobriety is definitely the toughest but then alcohol free living becomes the “norm” and the long term joys and benefits come pouring in.

I celebrated my first Soberversary with a mocktail party but Jo showed a bit more creativity and decided to get herself this awesome tattoo!

“Coins in a Jar” is the quirky name of her blog which caught my eye a while ago – every day that passed without a drink she dropped a coin in a jar.  We connected and I invited her to a workshop.  Jo already had a few months sobriety under her belt so was able to inspire some of the other participants who were apprehensive about ditching the drink.  She joined our community and we kept in touch.  So when I saw her comment on Facebook that it was her first “Soberversary” I wanted to share her joy with you.

Over to Jo:-

I’ve done it!

One whole year of abstaining from something that was making me lose myself. Feeling quite teary. Can’t believe it.

Most definitely the biggest personal triumph of my life. Better than any university degree on a piece of paper shoved in a drawer. This is now part of me which nobody can ever take away.

I remember, a year ago, my first weekend of not drinking. It was a scary time and I couldn’t contemplate a life without alcohol. But one day became two, a week, so on and here we are.

And I’ve said this so many times.

I was drinking, on average, a bottle of wine a day. Easily two to three on a weekend evening. So guys, it really, really is possible and AMAZING living a life without alcohol.

It can be done!

And again I do this blog for two reasons:

It keeps me going and has kept me going. I simply have to have a place where I am accountable and this is it. So to those who read it and even relate to it, I thank you so much.

Secondly, I do it in the hope that just one person has a silent realisation that they too, no longer want alcohol running and ruining their lives. And that they begin the steps to an AF life.

And it turns out that the upliftment I receive and the help I get to give via this space is just amazing as there are so many out there who are struggling.

I get that not everybody wants to go public and If I can be your voice and put it out there then that’s what I will continue to do.

Every word of encouragement, support, acknowledgement of what we do is what makes us push on. The wonderful presence of my family and very best friends. To the people I’ve gotten to know and even people that I have never met. To the people that take the time to offer a word of support and encouragement, you will never know how instrumental that is, when often we can feel lost and alone on this journey.

Incredible support from the amazing Tribe Sober girls (and boys) as well as sobriety warriors such as Yvette Hess- Artist, Blogger, Mental Health Activist and Lynne Huysamen. These wonderful women that I have chatted to and whom have shared their stories, now doing remarkable things with their lives.

You inspire me so much.

I feel the greatest I have ever felt. I believe that now, going into my second year (yeah) I am just getting started, ready to reap the rewards of an AF life.

I’m so excited!



The 11 Year Fact

Did you know that the average dependent drinker will struggle alone for 11 years before reaching out for help?

Don’t wait for 11 years – join Tribe Sober today!