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“More Wine less Whine this Mother’s Day” This was the headline on the email I received from Makro. Followed by 5 wines to match your mom this Mother`s Day  – If your mom was a wine, which one would she be? We help you find the perfect pairing specially for Mother`s Day. 

I object to this campaign on many levels.  I complained to Andrew Stein the Marketing Director who was quick to apologise & we hope that they will think a little harder about future campaigns. It is time that there were changes to what is allowed when alcohol is marketed .

From: Andrew Stein <>
Sent: 09 May 2018 09:52
Subject: RE: More Wine and Less Whine this Mother’s Day

Hi Sue

We must profusely apologise for this. Our copywriter was having a play on words, and the interpretation (which we fully understand) was not the intention at all. Please send me your cell number so I can give you a call to discuss.

Kind regards



Marketing & eCommerce Director

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