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A buzz phrase that crops up often in recovery circles is “self-care”. It is a very important part of the sobriety journey but thanks to marketing campaigns and social media we have come to associate the term with extravagance.

We are told that we deserve “me time” on a regular basis and that “me time” is marketed as pricey spa days, shopping trips we usually can’t afford and expensive meals. Personally, whenever I have tried to schedule “me time” into my diary I find myself quite lost and odds with myself, feeling pressured to enjoy the things I have been told make up this treasured time but actually just feeling guilty about the money I’m spending and about not getting to my ordinary everyday responsibilities.

In the last few months I have realised that I find much joy in mini “me times”, things such as sitting to enjoy a cappuccino while I wait for kids to finish school or knitting while they do their homework (they like me close by even if I’m not actively helping them). Taking snippets of time to enjoy the little things in life is so much more achievable and leaves you feeling like you’ve had a treat without compromising on your commitments and responsibilities.

I must confess, some days my self-care looks even less ordinary than a cup of coffee. There are times when just having a shower and taking one’s vitamins are an achievement. That’s ok too.

Take care of yourself, in whatever way feels right.


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